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Terms of Use update, Steward elections, and Wikipedia back in Pakistan
UCoC Enforcement Guidelines pass, Wikimedia Enterprise financials, GPTs gone wild, and a speedy deletion criterion removed.
In the media
Arbitrators open case after article alleges Wikipedia "intentionally distorts" Holocaust coverage
Also: Russ Baker's BLP, the digital commons, the NSA, and more on Pakistan.
Disinformation report
The "largest con in corporate history"?
Gautam Adani and his companies possibly behind scheme featuring scores of socks, infiltration of articles for creation process.
Machine-written articles: a new challenge for Wikipedia
GPT: friend or foe?
Tips and tricks
All about writing at DYK
Your one-stop hooker's handbook.
Featured content
Eden, lost.
But much else to be found.
Love is in the air
Lovey-dovey stuff for Valentine's.
Traffic report
Superbowl? Pfft. Give me some Bollywood! Yours sincerely, the world
And maybe a side of AI.
From the archives
5, 10, and 15 years ago: Let's (not) delete the Main Page!
Also: let's delete images of Muhammed! Let's delete portals!
Editorial: The loss of the moral high ground
Yesterday's controversies, reported on today.
The RfA Candidate's Song
A musical interlude.
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