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Three cases at ArbCom

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By Smallbones

There are three open cases, all involving administrators, now in different phases at the Arbitration Committee.


A case against RHaworth, who has been an administrator for over 14 years, was proposed by Tony Ballioni for improperly unblocking an editor who had been blocked by a checkuser. The workshop phase has now closed, with the proposed decision set to open today.


The Proposed decision is progressing quickly. All 15 arbitrators are active on the case, including the newly elected arbs. The two participants are BrownHairedGirl, who argues strongly against portals, and Northamerica1000 who has been editing them. Votes for proposed remedies suggest that BrownHairedGirl could be desysopped and admonished for incivility. There are currently no proposed remedies targeting Northamerica1000.

A case against Kudpung has opened and is in the evidence phase. The original case was brought by Guerillero for alleged incivility by Kudpung. That matter appeared to have been solved by an apology, but as sometimes happens other editors made other complaints, including incivility and conduct unbecoming of an admin. Kudpung is a former editor-in-chief of The Signpost. Chris.sherlock cited the alleged incivility in the evidence phase. Recused arb GorillaWarfare contributed the longest section on the page. Four other arbs have recused themselves, Beeblebrox, Newyorkbrad, Worm That Turned, and DGG. The evidence phase is scheduled to close on January 28, 2020. The workshop is scheduled for a February 4 close, with the proposed decision to be posted by February 11.

Trainee clerk

Money emoji has been appointed as trainee clerk for ArbCom.

Correction: Guerillero proposed the case against Kudpung, rather than Chris.sherlock, as earlier reported.

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