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From the editor
Reaching six million articles is great, but we need a moratorium
How long can we ignore Wiki-PR?
News and notes
Six million articles on the English language Wikipedia
You ain't seen nothing yet.
Special report
The limits of volunteerism and the gatekeepers of Team Encarta
How to survive the asshole consensus.
In the media
Turkey's back up, but what's happening with Dot-org and a new visual identity?
Plus politics and other oddities.
Arbitration report
Three cases at ArbCom
The new arbs have a big load.
Traffic report
The most viewed articles of 2019
As only The Signpost can describe them.
Wiki Loves Monuments 2019, we're all winners
The top 15 international photos.
News from the WMF
Capacity Building: Top 5 Themes from Community Conversations
Growing our community and our abilities.
Community view
Our most important new article since November 1, 2015
Well, it's a bit subjective.
In focus
Cryptos and bitcoins and blockchains, oh no!
Everybody needs to make a buck somehow — just not here, thanks.
Recent research
How useful is Wikipedia for novice programmers trying to learn computing concepts?
And other new research publications.
From the archives
A decade of The Signpost, 2005-2015
The first 10 years are the hardest.
On the bright side
What's making you happy this month?
A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
WikiProject report
WikiProject Japan: a wikiProject Report
An interview with four members of the WikiProject Japan.
Predicting the 6,000,000th article
I may fall in love all over again!
Remembering Wikipedia contributor Brian Boulton
A mentor to us all
Single-page edition


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