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From the editorsCaught with their hands in the cookie jar, again
You can buy "cleaners" but you might not come away clean.
News and notes
What's up (and down) with administrators, articles and languages
Active administrators and articles achieved are marking milestone metrics, but in diverging directions. Plus, the first time any court has found there exists a constitutional right to read Wikipedia.
Special report
Are reputation management operatives scrubbing Wikipedia articles?
Son of Wiki-PR.
In the media
"The fulfillment of the dream of humanity" or a nightmare of PR whitewashing on behalf of one-percenters?
Praise for possibly pansophic Wikipedia from a Nobel laureate collides head-on with real-world events in December.
Discussion report
December discussions around the wiki
Regarding integrity of information presented by Wikipedia, as well as the processes and people who ensure it remains trustworthy.
Arbitration report
Announcement of 2020 Arbitration Committee
ArbCom election results and status of open and requested cases.
Traffic report
Queens and aliens, exactly alike, once upon a December
We may have scrambled the headlines a bit.
Technology report
User scripts and more
Customise your Wikipedia experience
Holiday wishes
Messages of holiday cheer from us to you.
Recent research
Acoustics and Wikipedia; Wiki Workshop 2019 summary
16 recent papers, and other research news
From the archives
The 2002 Spanish fork and ads revisited (re-revisited?)
A look at different approaches taken by Wikipedia's founders in 2002, as seen from the perspective of nine years when it was written; nearly twenty years ago now.
On the bright side
What's making you happy this month?
A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
Why we need to keep talking about Wikipedia's gender gap
There's still a long way to go.
WikiProject report
Wikiproject Tree of Life: A Wikiproject report
Eight years after our last interview, WikiProject Tree of Life continues to thrive.
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