The Signpost

From the editor
Put on your birthday best
"We get by with a little help from our friends"
News and notes
How soon for the next million articles?
And when will we get the second extraterrestrial edit?
In the media
You say you want a revolution
Everybody wants to change Wikipedia.
On the bright side
What's making you happy this month?
A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
Arbitration report
Two requests for arbitration cases
Important or imprudent? Pondering portals. And an editor gets transported off-wiki for good.
Traffic report
The queen and the princess meet the king and the joker
Could this be the end of the Terminator?
Technology report
Reference things, sister things, stranger things
The latest tech news and updates.
Winter and holidays
Some interesting and unusual winter and holiday images.
Recent research
Bot census; discussions differ on Spanish and English Wikipedia; how nature's seasons affect pageviews
And other new research publications.
Some humor about the otherwise serious subject of burnout.
From the archives
WikiProject Spam, revisited
Veteran editor: Wikipedia is losing existential battle against spam.
In focus
An update on the Wikimedia Movement 2030 Strategy
Coming to the end of a long road formulating the strategy.
Special report
How many people edit in your favorite language? Where are they from?
Only now can we say!
Single-page edition


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