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Flyer22 Frozen, previously known as Flyer22 and Flyer22 Reborn, died in her late 30s on January 16, 2021, from complications of a long-term physical illness. An editor since May 2007, she was well-known for policy-focused editing in controversial topic areas, especially sexology, to ensure that appropriate sources were used and the neutral point of view policy followed, and for identifying a large number of sockpuppets over the years. Flyer22 racked up a prodigious 366,000 edits across 180,000 pages. The first page she created and worked on was JR Chandler and Babe Carey. Some of her best work was at Todd Manning, which became a featured article in 2015, as well as at Titanic (1997 film), Jennifer's Body, Avatar (2009 film), 2011 Tucson shooting, Clitoris, Vagina, G-spot, and Asexuality. She made significant contributions to many other topics, including Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, Human brain, Sexual intercourse, Lexa (The 100), and One Tree Hill (TV series).

Flyer22 was among Wikipedia's most generous editors when it came to helping other contributors develop their skills and knowledge. She would write detailed and highly cogent article talk posts explaining the diverse range of opinions found in mainstream sources – something that is especially valuable in fields like gender studies where prevailing views can change rapidly. Many fellow editors expressed gratitude for what Flyer taught them, some noting that Flyer helped them improve as an editor and collaborator not just on Wikipedia but on other wikis as well. Flyer took article accuracy and policy adherence very seriously, although she would occasionally show her playful side.

Besides her strong focus on mainspace editing, Flyer22 was also a frequent participant in WikiProject Medicine, WikiProject LGBT Studies, WikiProject Film, WikiProject Anatomy, and WikiProject Soap Operas; plus a variety of noticeboards, especially on biographies of living persons, page protection, vandalism, reliable sources, edit warring, and original research – with especial attention to child protection and the blocking of egregious trolls. She was given around 74 barnstars and other wiki-awards between 2007 and 2017.

Editors who kept in touch with Flyer22 over the years came to know her as a warm, kind woman. A vegetarian, she enjoyed the occasional Impossible Whopper. Her death was announced to her closest wiki-collaborators on January 21 by her brother, Halo Jerk1.

Some testimonials from her fellow editors:

Her brother stated:

(Contributors to this obituary include Anatashala, Crossroads, Cullen328, Doug Weller, FeydHuxtable, Figureskatingfan, Girth Summit, Halo Jerk1, Montanabw, Ozzie10aaaa, Pyxis Solitary, SlimVirgin, SMcCandlish, and Zaereth.)
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