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Progress at Wikipedia Library and Wikijournal of Medicine

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By Bri, Eddie891, Smallbones and Tilman Bayer

The Wikipedia Library deploys "authentication-based access"

The 'Instant Access' tab in My Library shows users the content they can access via the proxy. Expiry dates are shown, along with the ability to extend that date.

On 9 June 2020 The Wikipedia Library (TWL) announced the roll-out of "authentication-based access", a change that introduced two improvements to the platform:

Authentication-based access: Instead of having an individual username and password, access code, or other unique way of accessing each publisher, we will move to authentication-based access for most available resources. Users will simply log in to the Library Card platform where they will be able to access any authentication-configured content they are authorized for with a single click.

Library Bundle: We will also be making a set of resources available in a Library Bundle. These collections will not need any application from users: instead there will be an automated eligibility check in the software. Approximately 25,000 editors will be eligible for the Library Bundle, which will contain more than 60% of the library's content.

— meta:Library Card platform/Authentication-based access

Breakdown of publishers and content (by number of journals) by access method. Library Bundle is also authentication-based.

Under the new authentication-based access, EZproxy will be used for 30 of TWL's 60 partners, meaning individual log-ins have been disabled. 14 publishers are accessible through EZProxy to all users who meet the criteria (500+ edits, account created more than 6 months ago, 10+ edits over the last 30 days, and no active blocks on any Wikimedia project). Sources accessible to all qualifying users include the Edinburgh University Press, JSTOR, ProQuest, and various Oxford Reference-based resources.

WikiJournal of Medicine to be indexed in SCOPUS

The WikiJournal of Medicine was accepted into SCOPUS, an abstract and citation database, on 18 June 2020. The WikiJournal describes itself as "an ISSN-registered, peer reviewed, open access journal in medicine and biomedicine published free of charge." The concept of WikiJournals dates back to a 2004 proposal, but no formal journal existed until the WikiJournal of Medicine in 2014. Several other journals have since been founded. The journal first applied to SCOPUS in March 2017, but the application was rejected as premature. A second application in early 2020 was recently accepted by the Content Selection & Advisory Board which called the journal an "embryonic journal with global potential".

The 56 volumes of the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie.

German Wikisource wraps up 15-year proofreading project

The German Wikisource community recently completed its online edition of Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, one of the most important biographical reference works in the German language, comprising around 26,345 articles. The work on this project consisted of correcting and proofreading OCR text of scans published elsewhere, under a four-eyes principle as mandated by the community's quality standards. Work on the ADB actually predates the existence of German Wikisource as a separate language project, having been started before it split out of the multilingual version at (initially in 2005. Still, it was completed much faster than the publication of the original print version, which took 37 years from 1875 to 1912. In the meantime, a government-funded project also published a digital text edition. However, the archivist and Wikisource community member Klaus Graf argues that the quality of the Wikisource version is higher.

The ADB's successor project, the Neue Deutsche Biographie ("New German Biography") published its first volume ("Aachen – Beheim") in 1953 and is currently expected to be completed in 2023. Back in 2010, the German Wikisource already also created a project page for the NDB; however, under current copyright laws it would likely have to wait until well into the 22nd century for the entire content to become available under public domain.

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