Community reacts to WMF rebranding proposals: Many Wikimedia community members are upset about the WMF's plan to rebrand. Plus, a discussion of Fox News's reliability.
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Community reacts to WMF rebranding proposals

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By Pythoncoder

Top story: WMF branding

On June 16, the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) hosted a YouTube livestream where they officially unveiled three rebranding proposals, each of which would change the name of the Wikimedia Foundation to one of the following:

  1. Wikipedia Network Trust
  2. Wikipedia Organization
  3. Wikipedia Foundation

The WMF's plan to rebrand and change their name to the "Wikipedia Foundation" has been met with dissent across many WMF-owned sites. Some users have accused the WMF of pushing this change through while ignoring community opposition to the rebranding activities. The WMF has responded to these complaints by issuing statements from the Board that aim to provide more clarity on the rebranding process, as well as by posting a survey asking for community opinions on the rebranding proposals. Notable pages where the community has been discussing this proposed change include:

The first statement currently has unanimous support, while the other two are opposed by the vast majority of voters.

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