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By Kjoles
From Karl Thruster Drag Racing Enterprise, by Kjoles, who created it with the summary: "Only need this page for about 30 minutes to demonstrate to a friend how easy it is to create a Wikipedia page. Then it will be deleted."

Team Karl Thruster Drag Racing Enterprise was a short-lived American Top Fuel drag racing team that participated in the 2023 racing season. The team was notable for its brief existence, spanning approximately four minutes.

Team Overview


Team Karl Thruster Drag Racing Enterprise was established just before the start of the 2023 Top Fuel drag racing season. The team, owned and operated by Karl Joles, fielded a fleet comprising two funny cars and two dragsters, each adorned with vibrant liveries and the team's iconic logo.

The team's debut was highly anticipated in the drag racing community, with fans and media outlets eager to see the new entrant's performance. However, just four minutes after its official launch, the team announced its dissolution due to financial constraints.


Although its existence was fleeting, Team Karl Thruster Drag Racing Enterprise left a lasting impression on the drag racing world. Its quick rise and even quicker fall became a topic of amusement and a cautionary tale about the financial demands of the sport. The team is fondly remembered for its ambitious start and its candid approach to the realities of racing economics.

In Popular Culture

Team Karl Thruster's story quickly became a viral sensation, with memes and jokes circulating on social media. It is often referenced in discussions about the financial challenges in motorsports and is remembered as a humorous footnote in the history of drag racing.

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