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Special report
Did the Chinese Communist Party send astroturfers to sabotage a hacktivist's Wikipedia article?
Wikipedia article histories are public records that can be easily examined, so unlike other websites, we can answer this question thoroughly.
News and notes
The Italian Public Domain wars continue, Wikimedia RU set to dissolve, and a recap of WLM 2023
Not the best of times for Wikipedians across the world, but there are still glimpses of hope...
In the media
Consider the humble fork
Forky on forky on forky, plus a strange donation scheme and other interesting bits of news.
Discussion report
Arabic Wikipedia blackout; Wikimedians discuss SpongeBob, copyrights, and AI
Wiki goes dark and adopts Palestine flag logo; intellectual property rumblings from the bowels of the law.
In focus
Liquidation of Wikimedia RU
Wikimedia Russia closes after founder is declared a "foreign agent".
Technology report
Dark mode is coming
No more must Wikipedia always be a lightbulb in the dark — except metaphorically of course.
Recent research
"LLMs Know More, Hallucinate Less" with Wikidata
And other new research publications.
A feast of holidays and carols
Peace on earth, goodwill to all!
Lollus lmaois 200C tincture
the dilution makes it stronger.
when the crossword is sus
The Signpost Crossword is a 2018 online multiplayer social deduction game that takes place in space-themed settings where players are colorful, armless cartoon astronauts.
Traffic report
What's the big deal? I'm an animal!
Bollywood, Hollywood, and both kinds of football to close out December.
From the editor
A piccy iz worth OVAR 9000!!!11oneone! wordz ^_^
The debugging will continue until performance improves.
Local editor discovered 1,380 lost subheadings in ancient Signpost scrolls. And what he found was shocking.
Heartwarming — MUST READ — You Won't BELIEVE #4!!!!!
Guess the joke contest
Winner receives a special prize!
Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense
Edit summary: "Only need this page for about 30 minutes to demonstrate to a friend how easy it is to create a Wikipedia page. Then it will be deleted."
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