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By Kudpung

On time again!

Recurring themes

Two of the most recurring themes in The Signpost over the past six or so years have been paid editing and RfA. Over the next few issues we'll be taking an updated 2018 look at developments since those earlier reports. Unsurprisingly, these topics are related. Together with the recent roll-out of ACREQ – the new rule that only editors with confirmed accounts can create new articles directly in mainspace – the English Wikipedia may be heading for quite a few reforms, particularly in the way new articles are processed.

A third recurring theme is The Signpost itself, now becoming almost as rare as an RfA or a declared paid editor. Our April issue reflected the diversity and wealth of content a monthly publication should offer its readers. We hope that you will find this month's volume equally interesting and that it helps readers and editors to relax a bit and stay up to date with current events. Starting a new regular feature this month, From the Archives, what better way to begin than with a reprint of an article about The Signpost itself from almost six years ago to the month? Enjoy.

As The ed17 reported four years ago in this column of the November 2013 issue: "Contributing to The Signpost can be one of the most rewarding things an editor can do. The genre is refreshingly different from that of Wikipedia articles, and can allow writers to use a different range of skills," but goes on to say "That said, writers for The Signpost are sorely needed". That is even more urgent today, but only if the work can be shared, and with a good dose of enthusiasm.

It's hard work for our current skeleton editorial team who are doubling up on many of the tasks in the newsroom as well as writing much of the content. Putting it all together, copyediting, inking up, and getting the press rolling are alone quite time consuming. Don't hesitate to let us know if you can find time to inject your skills into the newsroom, and better still, submit an article – don't be timid, click here to find out more and get started.

Last but not least, we would like to thank former Editor-in-Chief Evad37 who has been providing some invaluable assistance coaching the new team.

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