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By Evad37

Mapframe maps now work on English Wikipedia

A mapframe map showing the location of Wikimania 2018

English Wikipedians can now use the mapframe function to embed maps right on a page. The map shown here (which indicates the location of this year’s Wikimania conference) demonstrates the functionality. Mapframe was requested by the English community via RfC last year and the request was reconfirmed this spring. If you’re new to mapframe, this Kartographer help page shows how to use it.

Expect more significant new features in the coming weeks, with the implementation of the long-awaited map internationalization features. After internationalization, maps will display in the content language of the wiki they’re published on. Until then, they will continue to display in the language of the territory mapped. (You can experiment with internationalized maps on testwiki now—here’s a page of examples.)

These features are brought to you as part of the Map Improvements 2018 project. Let developers know what you think on the project talk page. JMatazzoni (WMF) (adapted from VPT post)


Since May 8, AdvancedSearch has been available as a beta feature in your wiki. The feature enhances the search page through an advanced parameters form and aims to make existing search options more visible and accessible for everyone. AdvancedSearch is a project by WMDE Technical Wishes.

AdvancedSearch serves as an interface for some of the special search options that are already provided in CirrusSearch, but are difficult to find or to remember – especially when you want to combine several of them. E.g. you would get the same results if you manually type intitle:foo into the search field or use advancedSearch for that. The advantages of AdvancedSearch include visibility of existing options, syntax discoverability and easier combination of search parameters. Birgit Müller (WMDE) (adapted from VPT post)


TemplateStyles allow custom CSS pages to be used to style content without an administrator having to edit sitewide CSS. This will make it more convenient for editors to style templates; for example, those templates for which the sitewide CSS for the mobile skin or another skin (e.g. Timeless) currently negatively affects the display of the template.

TemplateStyles is currently enabled on, German Wikipedia, and Swedish Wikipedia. Discussion for its deployment is taking place at Wikipedia:Village pump (technical)#RfC: Enabling TemplateStyles, and usage guidelines are being developed at Wikipedia:TemplateStyles.

Further information is available on, including a help page and examples.

A new way to reference different sections of the same work

Feedback is requested on this proposed method of referencing sections of the same work.

Referencing multiple sections of the same work in an article is currently cumbersome. Editors have asked for an easier way to do this for more than ten years. In 2013 and 2015 a wish to change this made it into Wikimedia Germany’s Technical Wishlist and it was wish #24 in the international Community Wishlist survey 2015.

WMDE's Technical Wishes team conceptualized an idea how the problem could be solved: A generic solution that can be used for any refinement, such as pages, chapters, verses etc., and that could be used as a voluntary option, not forcing the users who don’t want to change their working mode to use it.

In order to find out if they can start working on this solution, the team is inviting editors from all wikis to have a look at it and tell us what they think in a feedback round from May 14th to May 27th. Johanna Strodt (WMDE) (adapted from VPT post)

In brief

New user scripts to customise your Wikipedia experience

Bot tasks

Approved requests

Bots that have been approved for operations after a successful BRFA will be listed here for informational purposes. No other approval action is required for these bots. Recently approved requests can be found here (edit), while old requests can be found in the archives.

Latest tech news

Latest tech news from the Wikimedia technical community: 2018 #18, #19, & #20. Please tell other users about these changes. Not all changes will affect you. Translations are available on Meta.

Recent changes
The new "nearby places that need pictures" UI in the Wikimedia Commons mobile app
Future changes

Installation code

  1. ^ Copy the following code, click here, then paste:
    importScript( 'User:Bellezzasolo/Scripts/subpages.js' ); // Backlink: User:Bellezzasolo/Scripts/subpages.js
  2. ^ Copy the following code, click here, then paste:
    importScript( 'User:Pythoncoder/voteSymbols.js' ); // Backlink: User:Pythoncoder/voteSymbols.js
  3. ^ Copy the following code, click here, then paste:
    importScript( 'User:Evad37/kmlToJson' ); // Backlink: User:Evad37/kmlToJson
  4. ^ Copy the following code, click here, then paste:
    importScript( 'User:Evad37/Metadata-timeless.js' ); // Backlink: User:Evad37/Metadata-timeless.js

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