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Roy is doing fine and sending more photos

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By Smallbones

Everybody has their own story about the coronavirus pandemic. Everybody has somebody that they've been worried about. This story is about photographer Roy Klotz who has uploaded 5,651 photos to Commons over the last eight years. The photos cover sites on the National Register of Historic Places, other historic buildings, and places on his many world travels. Some of my favorite photos taken by Roy follow, in no particular order.

The octogenarian started his fifth around-the-world ocean cruise in early January from Florida. Until recently, the last photos he uploaded were from the Caribbean.

By late March, the ship was off Australia and ports were closing due to the coronavirus pandemic. They managed to dock in Perth, but catching a flight home was another matter. Borders within Australia were closing, flights were disrupted, and Roy had another adventure getting back to the United States. He's still not quite home, but is staying with a relative. He's put her to work driving him around to take a few photos.

Roy began taking photos before World War II using his mother's Kodak bellows camera when he was 8 years old. Since then he's photographed with a Zeiss Contax, Argos, Nikon, and Canon cameras. He currently uses a Nikon D3. Over the years, he's photographed in 218 countries, all 50 U.S. states, and every Canadian province.

Welcome back Roy!

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