The Signpost

News and notes
Unbiased information from Ukraine's government?
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pitches in.
In the media
Coronavirus, again and again
Plus the importance of language.
Discussion report
Redesigning Wikipedia, bit by bit
The Wikimedia community discusses modifying or hiding the sidebar on the left of every page.
Featured content
Featured content returns
Movies, roads, awards and more.
Arbitration report
Two difficult cases
Even our best editors sometimes disagree.
Traffic report
Disease the Rhythm of the Night
Coronavirus, coronavirus, and Joe Exotic.
Roy is doing fine and sending more photos
A coronavirus cruise can't stop Roy!
Recent research
Trending topics across languages; auto-detecting bias
And other new research results.
Wikipedia:An article about yourself isn't necessarily a good thing
And it could get worse!
By the numbers
Open data and COVID-19: Wikipedia as an informational resource during the pandemic
What COVID-19 data are available from the WMF?
Trusting Everybody to Work Together
In an increasingly factious world, Wikipedia's approach to collaboration and trust-building point to a brighter future.
On the bright side
What's making you happy this month?
A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
Health and RfA's: An interview with Guy Macon
A Wikipedia editor reflects on his recent RfA and the health issues that became part of it.
In focus
Multilingual Wikipedia
How to better integrate articles across language editions.
WikiProject report
The Guild of Copy Editors
An interview with members of the WP:GOCE
Single-page edition


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