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From the editorsThe bad and the good
Getting ready for anything.
News and notes
2018 Wikipedian of the year blocked
Wheel war on Tatar Wikipedia.
WikiProject report
WikiProject COVID-19: A WikiProject Report
An interview with members of the COVID Project.
Special report
Wikipedia on COVID-19: what we publish and why it matters
Wikipedia presents solid widely-consulted information on COVID-19 and related topics.
In the media
Blocked in Iran but still covering the big story
COVID-19, Zika, edit-a-thons, and macrons.
Discussion report
Rethinking draft space
Plus: geonotices, reliable sources, and job titles.
Arbitration report
Unfinished business
A new case, a case returns from limbo, and an RfC being prepared.
In focus
"I have been asked by Jeffrey Epstein …"
The twists and turns of Epstein’s portrayal on Wikipedia.
Community view
Wikimedia community responds to COVID-19
Individually and in organized groups, Wikimedians stand up and make a difference.
Recent research
Disease outbreak uncertainties, AfD forecasting, auto-updating Wikipedia
New research publications on "the fear of being erased" and other topics.
From the archives
Text from Wikipedia good enough for Oxford University Press to claim as own
Five years ago with a different crisis.
Traffic report
The only thing that matters in the world
Going to movies and sport stadiums is history, and readers turn to Wikipedia for crucial medical information and updates.
Visible Women on Wikipedia
Images from the Whose Knowlege? campaign.
News from the WMF
Amid COVID-19, Wikimedia Foundation offers full pay for reduced hours, mobilizes all staff to work remote, and waives sick time
The WMF responds.
On the bright side
What's making you happy this month?
A selection of good news and encouraging stories from the Wikiverse.
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