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By Clovermoss and Pine

The content of this Signpost piece is adapted from email threads titled "What's making you happy this week?" that are sent to Wikimedia-l.

We encourage you to add your comments about what's making you happy this month to the talk page of this Signpost piece.

Week of 5 April 2020: Що робить вас щасливими цього тижня?

From User:Clovermoss

This week has been difficult for many around the world. I have mentioned this in previous weeks, but it's vital to express my sympathies each and every time. A pandemic like this has global ramifications, and it's important to recognize that for many people, this week has been filled with hardship. There are people who have been laid off from their jobs, parents who are doing their best to take care of their children, students who have had to start taking classes online, and an endless amount of other unique situations.

One million articles logo for the Ukrainian Wikipedia

This week, some important milestones have been reached across the Wikimedia Movement. The Ukrainian Wikipedia has reached the 1 million article milestone. That's a huge milestone to reach, so I wish to congratulate everyone who contributes there! I asked Ата, an active contributor to the Ukrainian Wikipedia, about how this milestone affects the project. I found her response insightful, and I am thankful for it.

In addition, the The Wikimedia Community of the Kazakh language User Group has officially been recognized by the Affiliations Commitee. For more information, see m:Affiliations Committee/Resolutions/Recognition of Wikimedia Community of Kazakh language User Group and m:Wikimedia Community of Kazakh language User Group.

I have also discovered inspiring off-wiki initiatives, such as the Mozilla Open Source Support Team (abbreviated as MOSS) launching a COVID-19 Solutions Fund. Awards of up to $50,000 are being offered to open source technology projects.

Week of 12 April 2020: none for this week

Week of 19 April 2020: คุณมีความสุขกับอะไรในสัปดาห์นี้?

From User:Pine

Quotes from Dinah Maria Craik

Visiting the Thai Wikipedia and Thailand

In the interest of featuring languages which have not previously appeared in "What's making you happy this week?", I decided to visit the Thai language Wikipedia. There I learned that Thailand has two calendar systems. Also, I found images from Phu Sang National Park, which appears to be a place that I would enjoy visiting. One of the photos of a waterfall was a finalist for Commons Picture of the Year in 2017.

The animals that are pictured below are members of species that are found in the park.

Regarding translations

Skillful translations of the sentence "What's making you happy this week?" would be very much appreciated. If you see any inaccuracies in the translations in this article then please {{ping}} User:Pine or User:Clovermoss in the discussion section of this page, or boldly make the correction to the text of the article. Thank you to everyone who has helped with translations so far.

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