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Update on Wikimedia's financial health

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By Andreas Kolbe, Bri, NightWolf1223, and Red-tailed hawk

Wikimedia Foundation publishes audit report for FY2022–2023

Bar chart showing green, red and black bars representing revenue, expenses and net assets in years 2003–2023
Wikimedia Foundation revenue, expenses and net assets (in US$), 2003–2023
Green: revenue (excluding direct donations to the endowment)
Red: expenses (including WMF payments into the endowment)
Black: net assets (excluding the endowment)

The Wikimedia Foundation has released the audit report for the fiscal year 2022–2023, prepared by its auditors, KPMG. You can read the full report here and a summary on Diff. The main takeaways are slowed financial growth in line with targets, and record donations income. Here are some key figures.

The table below shows the development of Wikimedia Foundation finances over the past ten years, as indicated by its audit reports. Annual support and revenue has more than tripled, expenses have more than quadrupled, and net assets at the end of the financial year (not including the Wikimedia Endowment, which is organizationally separate) have increased more than fivefold.

Year Source Revenue Expenses Asset rise Net assets at
end of year
2022/2023 PDF $180,174,103 $169,095,381 $15,619,804 $254,971,336
2021/2022 PDF $154,686,521 $145,970,915 $8,173,996 $239,351,532
2020/2021 PDF $162,886,686 $111,839,819 $50,861,811 $231,177,536
2019/2020 PDF $129,234,327 $112,489,397 $14,674,300 $180,315,725
2018/2019 PDF $120,067,266 $91,414,010 $30,691,855 $165,641,425
2017/2018 PDF $104,505,783 $81,442,265 $21,619,373 $134,949,570
2016/2017 PDF $91,242,418 $69,136,758 $21,547,402 $113,330,197
2015/2016 PDF $81,862,724 $65,947,465 $13,962,497 $91,782,795
2014/2015 PDF $75,797,223 $52,596,782 $24,345,277 $77,820,298
2013/2014 PDF $52,465,287 $45,900,745 $8,285,897 $53,475,021
2012/2013 PDF $48,635,408 $35,704,796 $10,260,066 $45,189,124

The Foundation also made a belated correction to the Endowment figures published a few weeks ago (see previous Signpost coverage). The table provided in late September had erroneously indicated financial years ending 30 June; in fact, the Foundation said, the figures provided related to fiscal years ending 31 December, in line with the Tides Foundation's accounting period. – NW1223, AK

Help wanted: Sockpuppet investigations

An orange cat lying in a partially open dresser drawer full of socks
He investigates socks. You can, too!

A large backlog has developed at WP:Sockpuppet investigations, where there are dozens of cases pending in Category:SPI cases awaiting review and, at one point prior to publication of this issue, over 140 cases awaiting administrative finalization in Category:SPI cases awaiting archive.

Key to keeping this process running are the SPI clerks. Currently, only about a dozen are active. Clerks are an important part of alignment of English Wikipedia with Wikimedia Foundation Access to Nonpublic Personal Data Policy, reviewing cases carefully for evidence and endorsing Checkuser use of tools that can reveal users' IP addresses and other private information. Such review and concurrence prior to use of the tools is important to maintain community trust in pseudonymity and integrity surrounding use of Checkuser tools.

From the SPI Clerks page, this is what the clerks actually do:

Clerks analyze behavior, make findings, and either impose or decline imposing sanctions.
Clerks help to ensure the smooth operation of SPI pages, cases and processes.
  • Ensuring SPI cases and processes stay in good order, including obtaining reasonable and productive conduct by participants;
  • Endorsing or declining CheckUser requests;
  • Ensuring cases have proper evidence (especially for CheckUser requests) and requesting such evidence when not provided; and
  • Assisting with housekeeping tasks, including closing, archiving, merging and formatting of cases.

Any user in good standing is considered qualified to apply at Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/SPI/Clerks, and a talkpage discussion there (begun by this Signpost contributor) has indicated interest in new applicants. Applicants go through a semi-formal training process; non-admin trainees usually show good experience and working knowledge of the community's policies and practices at the point they request traineeship, and clerking can be a step on the way to adminship for some. – B

Help wanted: Election for ArbCom

If you want to run for a place on the Arbitration Committee you've got until this Tuesday, at 23:59 UTC, November 21 to self-nominate in this year's election. Eight editors already have (in random order): Cabayi, ToBeFree, Sdrqaz, Z1720, Aoidh, HJ Mitchell, Maxim, and Firefly.

Qualifications include:

There is one week after the end of the self-nomination period before voting begins on Tuesday, November 28. Editors may use this period to ask questions of the candidates.

You may vote from Tuesday 00:00, 28 November 2023 (UTC) until Monday 23:59, 11 December 2023 (UTC) if you meet the following qualifications:

See WP:ACE2023 for further details. – S

Help wanted: Wikimedia New York City (WMNYC)'s first Executive Director

Founded in 2009, WMNYC is currently looking to hire its founding Executive Director.

Their duties will include:

Remote workers are allowed. See Wikimedia New York City/Jobs for further details. – S

WikiConference North America receives bomb threat

View of the corner of a multistory building with a brick facade
Toronto Reference Library, site of WikiConference North America, and still standing

Wikiconference North America 2023 was held from November 9 to 12, 2023 at the Toronto Reference Library. The program was interrupted on the morning of Saturday, November 11, when the library received a bomb threat. According to local media, the threat was received at 8:44 A.M. and the building was placed in a hold-and-secure state thereafter while police searched the building. No explosive devices were found, and the hold-and-secure state was lifted by 11:45 A.M., allowing programming to resume following that point.

The bomb threat comes two weeks after the Toronto Public Library system, of which the Toronto Reference Library is part, was hit with a ransomware attack on October 27. The ransomware attack resulted in staff social insurance numbers being compromised, and has caused prolonged outages in many of the library's digital systems.

On another note, many slide decks from conference's various presentations are available on Commons. – R

Brief notes

Wikimedia Commons now contains more than 100 million uploaded files.
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