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Is Wikidata as transparent as it seems?; Wikimedia Fund-raising drive launches

Jerusalem's Old City, at the centre of this week's article

This week, Slate commented on how, with Google sourcing more and more content automatically from databases such as Wikidata, with little human intervention, misinformation can spread quickly (Nov. 30). The article points towards a search for Jerusalem, which comes up with the result "Capital of Israel" in the Google Knowledge Graph, even though the city's status is in fact intensely contested. The author, Mark Graham from the Oxford Internet Institute, argues that as much information and sources are stripped away, it can easily lead to less transparency on where information comes from, and a lack of context when interpreting it.

Does the Wikimedia Foundation really need more money?

The amount the WMF are asking for is the price of a cup of coffee.

Following the launch of the Wikimedia Foundation's annual English-speaking fund-raising drive this week, The Washington Post published a piece (December 2), commenting that the language of the banner may well lead readers to think ...

. They also point out that Wikipedia's drive is controversial within the community:
One of the files involved with the lawsuit.

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