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Wikipedia's Pride

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By EpicPupper

For this Pride Month, The Signpost interviewed queer Wikimedians to better understand their views on inclusivity in the Wikimedia movement. Vermont is a steward and administrator on the Simple English Wikipedia. Padgriffin is a vandalism patroller and new page reviewer, primarily active on the English Wikipedia. Tamzin is an administrator on the English Wikipedia and a SPI clerk.

How did you first get started with editing Wikipedia?

What's kept you sticking around?

What are your thoughts on inclusivity in the Wikimedia movement?

In your experience, how has Wikipedia changed? Has it become more or less inclusive?

What are some of the biggest challenges that the Wikimedia movement faces in fostering an inclusive environment and how can these challenges be met?

What advice would you give to someone who's making their first edit to Wikipedia today?

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