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We've all got to start somewhere

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(-10,993) . . (Fixed article) (Tags: Mobile edit, Mobile app edit, Newcomer task: copyedit, references removed, Replaced)

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What in the world? How is that improving an article? - The Master of Hedgehogs (always up for a conversation!) 17:13, 31 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]

Well, fixing the article, but same thing. - The Master of Hedgehogs (always up for a conversation!) 17:14, 31 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]
I guess "fixing" is in the eye of the beholder (even if they are blindfolded). BTW, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street#Synopsis sure is lengthy. ☆ Bri (talk) 17:23, 31 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Okay, now I understand. - The Master of Hedgehogs (always up for a conversation!) 17:29, 31 January 2024 (UTC)[reply]
I'm reminded here about how one has a pet "fixed". -- llywrch (talk) 00:11, 1 February 2024 (UTC)[reply]
If the previous edit accidentally duplicated a lot of content, this could be a true "fix", but I assume this was a blanking accident. WhatamIdoing (talk) 21:02, 1 February 2024 (UTC)[reply]
Maybe it's just the start of the fix, that's why it's a replacement as well. Alfa-ketosav (talk) 14:52, 9 February 2024 (UTC)[reply]


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