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News and notes
Wikipedian Osama Khalid celebrated his 30th birthday in jail
Plus WMF child rights impact assessment, Chinese Wikipedia changes admin rules
Until it happens to you
A stream of consciousness about plagiarism on Wikipedia from the perspective of a user who directly witnessed it.
Disinformation report
How paid editors squeeze you dry
And how you can stop them!
In the media
Katherine Maher new NPR CEO, go check Wikipedia, race in the race
Another wobble, more Ackman, our usual pathological optimist, and football in dirty pants!
In focus
The long road of a featured article candidate, part 2
Everything you really wanted to know about writing featured articles.
Recent research
Croatian takeover was enabled by "lack of bureaucratic openness and rules constraining [admins]"
And other new research publications.
We've all got to start somewhere
Writing a good subheading for a one-sentence joke is basically like writing an entire second joke so I'm not going to do it.
Traffic report
DJ, gonna burn this goddamn house right down
Job changes, death, sex, murder, suicide and a vacation!
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