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Wikimedia Russia director declared "foreign agent" by Russian gov; EU prepares to pile on the papers
"the exact extent of the obligations" unclear... many such cases!
Disinformation report
How low can the scammers go?
Lower, trust me!
Before and After: Why you don't need to touch grass to dramatically improve images of flora and fauna
Finding the right bumblebee among all the bumblebees!
In the media
Speaking in tongues, toeing the line, and dressing the part
The usual odd articles about Wikipedia.
Is this guy the same as the one who was a Nazi?
The hunt for Bertil Ragnar Anzén.
Traffic report
Griselda, Nikki, Carl, Jannik and two types of football
Plus films, Grammys and a rumble!
Our crossword to bear
That's more than weakly!
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