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Formatting cheatsheet

This is a quick reference of how to accomplish various formatting styles in Signpost articles. For further information, see the formatting guide.

Description Code Notes
Sub-article headlings ===Introduction to layout=== Articles can have multiple subheadings
High-res, wide-format images {{Signpost inline image|image=File:Foo.jpg|caption=Your caption.}} Place before article headings; only use sparingly within articles
{{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Inline image resizable|width=600|image=File:Foo.jpg|caption=Your caption.}} Adjust width number to suit.
Image in the right-hand column {{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Filler image-v2|image=File:Foo.svg|caption=Some caption}} Default size is 300x300px, specify a manual size using the |size=
Interactive poll {{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Filler poll-v2|option1=Yes|votepage=Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Voter/Issues/Test Poll/Votes|option2=No|question=An open poll.}} To set up a votepage: save the page, then follow the link in the error message;
polls with fewer than ten responses will not display results
Quotation {{Signpost quote|Your quote}}
Lengthy quotation {{Signpost inline quote|Your quote|source=Attribution}} Displayed with a green background
Right-hanging quote {{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Filler quote-v2|Your quote}} Can also specify |author= and |source=
Graph or chart {{Graph:Chart}} See template documentation; set |width=800 to take up the full width, or preferably embed on the right-hand side (see Filler frame)
Filler frame: embed any content on the right-hand side {{Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/Templates/Filler frame-v2|1=Your stuff|caption=A caption}} 300px wide by default, or set |width= parameter
Article tag inline

("For more Signpost coverage on [tag] see our [tag] series")

{{Signpost series|type=inline|tag=your tag}} Place at the very end of a section or article
Article tag sidebar


{{Signpost series|type=sidebar-v2|tag=gendergap|seriestitle=Gender gap}} tag – tag to be used;
seriestitle – name of the tag as it will appear;
In brief images {{Signpost brief filler image|image=|caption=|size=}}
Link to a specific place in a previous article (e.g. an "in brief" item) {{anchor|Linkname}} Place at the point to be linked to in previous article); then you can use [[Foo/Bar#Linkname|link text]] to link to that point
Citing Signpost coverage from the same issue (see [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/<DATE>/Column|''Signpost'' coverage]]) Less common
Citing Signpost coverage from a previous issue (see previous [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/<DATE>/Column|''Signpost'' coverage]]) More common
Asserting authorship {{small|[[User:Resident Mario|R]]}} Placed at the end of the piece / section


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