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Traffic report The most viewed articles of 2023
Around the world in 365 days (with many stops in India).
Traffic report And it's hard to watch some cricket, in the cold November Rain
If you don't fancy the sport that occupies over 25% of the slots in these lists, there's always movies, celebrities, and political follies to fall back on – or an unusual fired-for-the-weekend CEO.
Traffic report If it bleeds, it leads
Or if it's Indian sport or cinema.
Traffic report Cricket jumpscare
Plus Kollywood, Killers of the Flower Moon, and ongoing war.
Traffic report The calm and the storm
They are still fighting.
Traffic report There shall be no slaves in the land of lands, it's a Bollywood jam
Taylor Swift with an NFL tight end and Lauren Boebert with a Democrat?
Traffic report Some of it's magic, some of it's tragic
Sports, film and singers. We've got it all!
Traffic report Raise your drinking glass, here's to yesterday
I just poured HOT GRITS down my pants ohh yeah
Traffic report Come on in, and pull yourself up a chair
Barbenheimer, Pee-Wee Herman, and the World Cup.
Traffic report Come on Oppie, let's go party
Oppenheimer, Barbie, and a couple other scandals
Cobwebs If you're reading this, you're probably on a desktop
The annual report that tries to understand the Signpost through data, written in 2020, which never saw the light of day until now.
Traffic report Superbowl? Pfft. Give me some Bollywood! Yours sincerely, the world
And maybe a side of AI.
Tips and tricks XTools: Data analytics for your list of created articles
Letting you find out about yourself (and others).
Traffic report The most viewed articles of 2022
War, sports, and all types of chaos.
Traffic report Football, football, football! Wikipedia Football Club!
It is mostly about football!
Traffic report Musical deaths, murders, Princess Di's nominative determinism, and sports
The weeks and weeks, as reviewed by Wikipedia's readers.
Traffic report Mama, they're in love with a criminal
More serial killers than you can shake a stick at!
Traffic report Kings and queens and VIPs
Repeat after me: I solemnly swear not to put "oh my!" in a headline.
Traffic report What dreams (and heavily trafficked articles) may come
Because there really is no real theme this month you can grab onto to give a catchy title.
Traffic report US TV, JP ex-PM, outer space, and politics of IN, US, UK top charts for July
The world shows its messy complexity.
Traffic report Top view counts for shows, movies, and celeb lawsuit that keeps on giving
Plus editing stampedes for cheery subjects: shootings, deaths, and virus.
Traffic report Strange highs and strange lows
Were Johnny and Amber exchanging blows?
Traffic report Justice Jackson, the Smiths, and an invasion
Plus deaths, films, and the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification.
Traffic report War, what is it good for?
Ukraine, Russia and Anna Sorokin.
Traffic report Euphoria, Pamela Anderson, lies and Netflix
Plus quarterbacks, half-timers, Olympians, and Hulu!
Traffic report The most viewed articles of 2021
Royals, Freddy and movies.
Traffic report Spider-Man, football and the departed
We'll always remember the Greek alphabet!
Deletion report We laughed, we cried, we closed as "no consensus"
More hats than a rodeo: the best, worst, and gnarliest AfDs of 2021.
Traffic report Reporting ticket sales on the edge of the Wiki, if Eternals should fail
Conjuring up the jesters again!
Deletion report What we lost, what we gained
1,767 nominations in November... AN/Is... DRVs... The largest AfD in history, possibly ever!
Arbitration report ArbCom in 2021
We should have at least one of these every year!
Traffic report James Bond and the Giant Squid Game
Plus German elections and movies galore.
Traffic report Kanye, Emma Raducanu and 9/11
Or is it Donda, Leylah Fernandez, and Flight 93?
Traffic report Olympics, movies, and Afghanistan
Winners and losers.
News from Wiki Education Changing the face of Wikipedia
Moving forward.
Gallery Our community in 20 graphs
We just look at the pictures!
Traffic report Football, tennis and marveling at Loki
But you can call it soccer if you'd like.
Recent research Gender bias and statistical fallacies, disinformation and mutual intelligibility
And other recent research publications
Traffic report So no one told you life was gonna be this way
We'll be there for you!
Recent research Feminist critique of Wikipedia's epistemology, Black Americans vastly underrepresented among editors, Wiki Workshop report
Summaries of 26 new research publications
News from the WMF Searching for Wikipedia
How do our readers find us?
Traffic report The verdict is guilty, guilty, guilty
Plus Godzilla and Kong
Traffic report Wanda, Meghan, Liz, Phil and Zack
Another royal bash!
Traffic report Does it almost feel like you've been here before?
Watching the Super Bowl at the Cecil?
Traffic report The most viewed articles of 2020
The end of the world as we know it?
News from the WMF Wikipedia celebrates 20 years of free, trusted information for the world
Happy birthday!
Traffic report 2020 wraps up
Punks and heroes, losers and winners, the bereaved and the deceased – they're all here.
Recent research Predicting the next move in Wikipedia discussions
Six million talk page threads analyzed, and other research.
Traffic report 007 with Borat, the Queen, and an election
Plus Alex Trebek and the Queen's Gambit.
Traffic report Jump back, what's that sound?
Here comes the judge.
Traffic report Is there no justice?
Perhaps on the tennis court.
Traffic report Heart, soul, umbrellas, and politics
More politics than usual.
Traffic report Now for something completely different
Death and Alexander Hamilton.
Traffic report The pandemic, alleged murder, a massacre, and other deaths
Plus Rajput, Musk, Epstein, Maxwell, Owens and Anonymous
Traffic report Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam
Time to bring on the Bulls.
Traffic report Disease the Rhythm of the Night
I told you once and I told you twice, the virus spread because people didn't take advice.
By the numbers Open data and COVID-19: Wikipedia as an informational resource during the pandemic
What COVID-19 data are available from the WMF?
Traffic report The only thing that matters in the world
Going to movies and sport stadiums is history, and readers turn to Wikipedia for crucial medical information and updates.
Traffic report February articles, floating in the dark
Kobe sets another record.
By the numbers How many actions by administrators does it take to clean up spam?
Numbers for vandalism and sockpuppeting included at no additional charge!
Traffic report The most viewed articles of 2019
As only The Signpost can describe them.
Traffic report Queens and aliens, exactly alike, once upon a December
We may have scrambled the headlines a bit.
Traffic report The queen and the princess meet the king and the joker
Could this be the end of the Terminator?
Special report How many people edit in your favorite language? Where are they from?
Only now can we say!
Traffic report Wrestling with a couple of teenagers, a Nobelist, and a lot of jokers
Plus a few celebrities.
Traffic report Varied and intriguing entries, less Luck, and some retreads
Luck, Serena, Bianca, 9/11, bad films, mass murderers and other good stuff
Traffic report Once upon a time in Greenland with Boris and cornflakes
And some summer flicks with the usual heroes and villains
Traffic report World cups, presidential candidates, and stranger things
and don't forget the movies
Traffic report Juneteenth, Beauty Revealed, and more nuclear disasters
But we won't mention Liverpool.
Traffic report Dark marvels, thrones, a vile serial killer biopic, that's entertainment!
Who will be next to fill the throne at the top of the list?
Traffic report Mötley Crüe, Notre-Dame, a black hole, and Bonnie and Clyde
Round up the unusual suspects
Traffic report Exultations and tribulations
Academy Award winners, celebrations, scandals, and terror.
Traffic report Binge-watching
Netflix shows and TV sports dominate. A US politician breaks into the top 10.
Traffic report Death, royals and superheroes
The most popular articles of 2018 include a cornucopia of superheroes (Avengers, Black Panther, Aquaman, …), a gallery of the dearly departed (Stephen Hawking, George W. Bush, Stan Lee, …), old and new members of the British royal family, the World Cup of football, plus the perennial millennials, Rocket Man, and Tweeter-in-Chief returning from 2017.
Traffic report Queen dethroned by U.S. presidents
The band relinquishes its first place hold; Aquaman is swimming into view for late December.
Special report The Signpost got 380,000+ views in 2018; sounds reasonable enough, right?
A statistical insight into the English Wikipedia's very own online community newspaper.
Traffic report Queen reigns for four weeks straight
The "Queen" of stage and screen, that is. Is there another?
Traffic report Fights and frights
Boxing, hurricanes, clowns, and more!
Traffic report A river of revilement
Collective pelting with virtual rotten vegetables.
Traffic report Bowled
Some sort of sporting contest tops this week's traffic.
Traffic report Death and taxes
Some things never change.
Traffic report Danse Macabre
A cheery week.
Traffic report Pattern recognition: Third annual Traffic Report
What was the most-viewed article of 2015? Read to find out!
Traffic report Canada, the most popular nation on Earth
What's this all aboot, eh?
Traffic report You didn't miss much
The late-summer smash success of Straight Outta Compton remains the chief talking point of the English-speaking world, interrupted only by the welcome return of a Google Doodle.
Traffic report Straight Outta Connecticut
It's a long way from the leafy bowers of Greenwich, Connecticut to the concrete barrens of Compton, California.
Traffic report Fighting from top to bottom
The charts are led this week by UFC women's champion Ronda Rousey, who won her last match at UFC 190 (#9) in 34 seconds.
Traffic report Mrityorma amritam gamaya...
Death is no stranger to this list, but it has never cast such a pall as this week, when for the first time half the slots in the top 10 were devoted to it, including the top 3.
Traffic report Namaste again, Reddit
For the first time since this list began, India-related topics have claimed both the top two slots.
Traffic report The Nerds, They Are A-Changin'
Summary:When I was a kid, being a nerd meant wanting to go to Pluto.
Traffic report Belles of the ball
However coy they may be about it in public, Americans love to win. And when they do, they make no secret of it.
Traffic report The Empire lobs back
It's July 4 weekend and on this list that means only one thing: Wimbledon. Sure, the American Independence Day gets noticed too, but it can't hold a candle to that staggeringly British sporting event.
Traffic report We're Baaaaack
For the week of June 21 to 27, 2015, the 10 most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the report of the most viewed pages.
Traffic report Two households, both alike in dignity
"Happy families are all alike," Leo Tolstoy said, "but unhappy families are unhappy after their own fashion."
Traffic report A rather ordinary week
The traffic report is nothing unusual this week, with a Google Doodle for astronaut Sally Ride topping the list, the accidental death of famous mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr. at #2, and the normal fare of recent popular American movies and television.
Traffic report Summer, summer, summertime
As usual for the time of year, pop culture rules this week. The start of summer vacation in the US means a focus on summer movies, particularly blockbuster sequels Avengers: Age of Ultron, Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road.
Traffic report Inner Core
The list is topped this week by Danish scientist Inge Lehmann, thanks to a Google Doodle celebrating her 127th birthday. Lehmann discovered in 1936 that the Earth has a solid inner core. It is sometimes surprising to realize how recently such basic scientific knowledge of the Earth, which we now take for granted, was discovered.
Traffic report Round Two
Casual viewers may think I've posted the same list twice. But no, readers just happen to be really interested in May 2's Big Fight. In fact, last week was just the weigh-in and the trash talk. This week, the numbers actually increased.
Traffic report The grim ship reality
Like colliding ocean liners, rousing entertainment and harsh reality merged ungainly in this week's top 10 list. The much heralded pay-per-view pummeling of Manny Pacquiao by Floyd Mayweather, Jr. dominated the list's top slots, giving this list one of its highest total view counts in months.
Traffic report Bruce, Nessie, and genocide
Though the continued predominance of movies, TV, and sports noted in last week's report largely continues, three additional topics joined the Top 10 this week.
Traffic report A harvest of couch potatoes
Couch potatoes rule this week, as 9 of the top 10 slots were taken by either movies, TV, or sports.
Traffic report Furious domination
If it wasn't for Easter, Fast and Furious related articles would have taken the top four spots this week. The latest installment of the movie franchise, Furious 7, tops the chart for the second straight week.
Traffic report Resurrection week
How appropriate that the theme of Easter week would be resurrection from the dead.
Traffic report All over the place
The Report is more of a mix of random topics than usual this week. The top spot is taken by Bhutanese passport, a Wikipedia article which contained a crazed spoken word version which drew widespread attention.
Traffic report Oddly familiar
This week's list is reminiscent of lists from the early days of this project: a preponderance of famous faces, Reddit threads, and Google Doodles.
Traffic report It's not cricket
If not for Kayne West's dubious repeat at #1, the 2015 Cricket World Cup (#2) would have made the top spot, albeit in a generally slow news week.
Traffic report Wikipedia: handing knowledge to the world, one prank at a time
A dull week, with only three new entries in the top 10; a UFC champion, a Google Doodle and a Hindu festival involving people throwing powder at each other (though that does sound fun).
Traffic report Attack of the movies
The Report this week is dominated by the Academy Awards, taking the top 4 spots and 13 of the Top 25.
Traffic report Fifty Shades of... self-denial?
An odd juxtaposition this week, as interest in Fifty Shades of Grey coincided with the observance of the Chinese New Year and the annual festival of penance, Ash Wednesday.
Traffic report February is for lovers
This week saw the 57th Annual Grammy Awards (#13 on the Top 25) held on 8 February dominating the traffic chart, as music lovers checked out Sam Smith (#3) picking up four awards, Beck taking album of the year, and performances including Sia (#9), Madonna (#11), and Annie Lennox (#16). But Valentine's Day (#1) proved the perfect time for the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, with the movie coming in at #5, the book of the same name at #2, and the primary actors at #14 and #15.
Traffic report Bowled over
Wikipedia presents itself as a repository for the world, and while that is a noble sentiment, it is still true that, Conservapedian complaints notwithstanding, the English language Wikipedia is very often the American Wikipedia, and never has that been more apparent than this week.
Traffic report The American Heartland
The American heartland appears to dominate the Report this week, with Chris Kyle leading the Report.
Traffic report A sea of faces
It is pretty clear what the theme is this week: people.
Traffic report Wikipédia sommes Charlie
Wikipédia sommes Charlie: It's a grim certainty what topic most interested Wikipedia viewers this week. The horrific attacks on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine have drawn anger and resolve from around the world, and also the attention of an English-speaking world that had previously never heard of it.
Traffic report Auld Lang Syne
We end 2014 and and start 2015 with the normal array of year-end activities, including movie watching with Bollywood film PK (#1) topping the list, followed by The Interview (#2), 2014 in film (#10), and five other films in the rest of the Top 25, plus a number of articles about the subjects of these films. We celebrated the New Year by singing "" (#11), or perhaps watching Adam Lambert (#9) perform with Queen. But we could not avoid a final tragedy with the crash of Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 (#4) on December 28.
Traffic report Surfin' the Yuletide
Unlike last year, Wikipedia viewers seem to have embraced the Christmas spirit, with three topics in the top 10 (and eight in the top 25) focused on the holiday season.
Traffic report North Korea is not pleased
The bizarre story around the American film "The Interview" propelled that article to the top spot this week, not that anyone can quite figure out what has happened.
Traffic report A December Lull
The least-viewed Number One since September.
Traffic report Dead Black Men and Science Fiction
A traffic report filled with stark contrasts.
Traffic report Turkey and a movie
Real world tragedy and fantastical escapism often share space in the Top 10, and this week was no exception.
Traffic report Big in Japan
Often times in popular culture, a subject will be quite popular among a distinct niche of people or region of the world, but little-known elsewhere -- like a musical artist that is boasted to be "big in Japan". The Traffic Report provides a bevy of examples this week.
Traffic report Interstellar traffic
The film Interstellar and Europe's Philae spacecraft feature in this report, along with events like Thanksgiving and Armistace Day.
Traffic report Holidays, anyone?
This was very much a week dominated by holidays and pop culture over current events, with new film Interstellar taking the top spot followed by holidays Day of the Dead (#2), Guy Fawkes and his Night (#4 and #5), and Halloween (#8, and its third week on the list). And a foursome of television shows, all return visitors, appear to setting up residence on the greater Top 25: The Walking Dead (#11), American Horror Story: Freak Show (#14), Gotham (#16), and The Flash (#18).
Traffic report Sweet dreams on Halloween
"It is, perhaps, ironic that humanity chose the week of Halloween to finally put its fears to bed. Let's face it: 2014 has been a year of tragedies, conflicts, plagues and pain, and eventually something had to break... Whether we at last came to terms with our limited ability to affect events, shoved those events under the carpet, or just decided to let go and move on, we turned our eye to more positive things, such as sports heroes, hotly anticipated movies, and lifelong learning; two Google doodles appeared in the top 25 for the first time since the beginning of August."
Traffic report Ebola, Ultron, and Creepy Articles
Ebola virus disease leads the Report for the fourth straight week. The rest of the list is primarily a mix of pop culture topics, including movie Avengers: Age of Ultron (#4) whose trailer was leaked early, and the death of Oscar de la Renta (#7). A BuzzFeed article on creepy Wikipedia articles, no doubt well-timed with Halloween (#9) around the corner, was responsible for three articles in the Top 25, including June and Jennifer Gibbons (#10), Taman Shud Case (#17), Joyce Vincent (#25). And the internet-run-amok controversy of Gamergate cracked the Top 25 for the first time at #19.
Traffic report Death, War, Pestilence... Movies and TV
Death, War, Pestilence... Movies and TV: Ebola, movies and television articles appear in this week's top ten.
Traffic report Now introducing ... mobile data
We are pleased to report that the WP:5000 has now been updated to include mobile views, including a column reflecting the percentage of views coming from mobile devices.
Traffic report Panic and denial
The first case of the Ebola virus on US shores sent people into a tizzy, rushing to their keyboards to try and learn what they could.
Traffic report Shanah Tovah
Jews wished each other ("Good year") this week as Rosh Hashanah was our most popular article. It was also a week not dominated by heavy news and tragedies, so aside from Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (#2, sixth week in the Top 10), our popular article list runs the gamut of current events including new television series Gotham (#3), the 2014 Asian Games (#4), and Reddit-fueled popularity for German director Uwe Boll (#7).
Traffic report Wikipedia watches the referendum in Scotland
This could be the beginning of a new era for this list. Until now, decisions to remove suspicious content have been largely educated guesswork. This week though, we have a new collaborator who can shine a light on the origins and patterns, sorting once and for all the webwheat from the cyberchaff.
Traffic report Tolstoy leads a varied pack
There is no unifying theme we can slap on top article popularity this week.
News and notes Wikipedia's traffic statistics are off by nearly one-third
Wikipedia's traffic statistics are off by nearly one-third: A prominent Wikipedia researcher has discovered that the encyclopedia's widely used article traffic statistics are missing out on approximately one-third of total views.
Traffic report Refuge in celebrity
Even though it's not quite 3/4 over, it's safe to say that 2014 will go down as a year of war, mass murder, plane crashes and terrible diseases. While certainly paying it some heed, it's not surprising that Wikipedia viewers tried this week to find any alternative to that litany of tragedy and pain, and their chosen method of escape was, as usual, celebrity.
Traffic report Holding Pattern
Holding Pattern: "This week we saw three of the top ten articles remain in place, with the Ice Bucket Challenge at #1, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis at #2, and Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant at #5, all for a second straight week..."
Traffic report Viral
"This was a week when an actual virus, Ebola, competed for attention with several viral social phenomena; most notably the Ice Bucket Challenge..."
Traffic report Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero
Comedian Robin Williams' untimely death takes the top spot.
Traffic report Disease, decimation and distraction
It's been a grim few weeks. It says something that formerly arresting crises like the war in Ukraine, Boko Haram and the 2014 Israel–Gaza conflict, despite still being ongoing, have fallen out of the top 10 to make way for the 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak and the equally if not more intense conflict against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.
Traffic report Ebola drives reader interest
Ebola: Serious news continues to dominate the most popular articles chart on Wikipedia this week, with the Ebola virus disease far and away in the top spot. In the top 25, we see the related articles Ebola virus, which talks about biological aspects, at #18 and 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak at #19.
Traffic report Doom and gloom vs. the power of Reddit
We indeed moved far away from football this week, and further into much more serious issues of war and death. The Israel-Palestinian conflict continues to dominate the news, and the top 10, with Gaza Strip, Israel, and Hamas. The top 25 also includes Palestine and the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Death also lies behind the popularity of James Garner, the American actor who died on July 19th, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, and deaths in 2014.
Traffic report The World Cup hangs on, though tragedies seek to replace it
Last week I predicted that the World Cup dominance on the report would be over—but I was wrong. The World Cup Final fell on the 13th of July, which was actually the first day of the week covered by this report, not the last day of the last report. Hence, five of the Top 10 this week are again World Cup related-topics.
Traffic report World Cup dominates for another week
This week it's still more and more World Cup, with five entries out of the top ten (and 14 out of the Top 25).
Traffic report World Cup, Tim Howard rule the week
Unsurprisingly, the World Cup continued to dominate the English Wikipedia's viewing statistics. In particular, the record-breaking performance of US goalkeeper Tim Howard and the tournament-ending injury to Brazil's Neymar drove large amount of views to their articles.
Traffic report The Cup runneth over... and over.
With Game of Thrones over for another year, the World Cup dominated yet again. And that is pretty much that. This list isn't likely to be particularly eventful until the Cup is won.
Traffic report Fake war, or real sport?
Despite the interest generated by its season finale, Game of Thrones still couldn't top the World Cup, which still dominated interest, as evidenced by the fact that this top 10 is virtually identical to last week's, just with a different dead celebrity.
Traffic report You can't dethrone Thrones
To the surprise of absolutely no one, the 2014 FIFA World Cup was the main draw this week, taking four slots. People appeared desperate to bone up on their trivia; checking not only this year's World Cup, but the last one. Even so, they still couldn't push Game of Thrones from the top ten. It will be interesting to see what happens come next week's season finale.
Traffic report The week the wired went weird
It seems that, more than commemorating the great moments in our history, more than even anticipating great sporting events, what our audience wants is the weird.
Traffic report Autumn in summer
The northern summer is a time when one is meant to celebrate the exuberance of life; instead, commemoration of the dead was a significant theme this week.
Traffic report Get fitted for flipflops and floppy hats
In the US, Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, and summer is definitely on people's minds this week, with summer films Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past, the apparently designated summer song "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea, and summer TV show, Game of Thrones.
Traffic report Doodles' dawn
It's a relief to see Google Doodles having an impact again; their wide coverage means that they inspire curiosity on many subjects which, for reasons of nationality, ethnicity or gender, might not be known in the English-speaking world. It's a shame then, that Wikipedia so often fails to keep up; articles on Google Doodles are almost invariably C-class, and seldom do justice to their subjects. Still, interest in Google Doodles has been waning in recent months—Audrey Hepburn last week was the first to top the list since December—so any rise in popularity is worth celebrating.
Traffic report Eurovision, Google Doodles, Mothers, and 5 May
Eurovision is known for being political, and it was a doozy this week.
Traffic report TMZedia
For all the claims of Wikipedia bringing the world's knowledge to all who want it, it seems the human race most wants is a tabloid newspaper; a quick source for TV listings, pop culture facts, celebrity gossip and, above all, scandal—with some nice juicy racism thrown in too.
Traffic report Going to the Doggs
Not much to report this week. The same post-Easter celebrations (4/20, Earth Day) were popular again this year, except last year we were still reeling from the Boston Marathon bombing.
Traffic report Reflecting in Gethsemane
If I were the kind of person who made snap judgments based on flimsy evidence, I'd say our readership is in a funk.
Traffic report Conquest of the Couch Potatoes
Television has always been a topic of choice on this site, but it exploded this week. Fully six slots were devoted to television shows, as the final episode of How I Met Your Mother, one of the most popular Wikipedia searches of the last few years, coincided with the season finale of The Walking Dead and the upcoming fourth season of Game of Thrones. The number rises to 8 if movies released on video and new TV tech are are included.
Traffic report Regressing to the mean
The mysterious fate of MH370 still tops the list, but in all other respects our readership has retreated from the real world into its pop-cultural happy place: TV, movies, music, Reddit and Google Doodles all made an appearance.
Traffic report Down to a simmer
Topics like the 2014 Crimea crisis or the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 eased down the list, making way for such traditional topics as St Patrick's Day, Reddit threads and even Google Doodles, which have reappeared after a long absence.
Traffic report Into thin air
The utterly mystifying events surrounding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which has not fallen from the sky so much as vanished from it entirely, has left an information-starved public scrambling for precedents, some logical, some... not.
Traffic report War and awards
An intensely busy week, as a confluence of celebratory, curious and urgent topics pushed typical residents like Facebook and Deaths in 2014 out of the top ten entirely.
Traffic report Brinksmen on the brink
There's nothing like a good old bit of Cold War nostalgia, combined with a suitably scary international incident, to focus our attention on the real world. That said, nothing could stem our outpouring of affection for the beloved comedian Harold Ramis, whose death managed to top the week in the face of those international concerns.
Traffic report Snow big deal
The 2014 Winter Olympics had more of an impact on the Top 25 than the Top 10, which had to shoulder old stalwarts like the death list, Reddit threads, TV shows and the eternal presence of Facebook; still, with four slots, it's the most searched topic on the list.
Traffic report Chilly Valentines
Valentines Day got a somewhat muted reception this week, overshadowed by continuing coverage of the Winter Olympics in Sochi and the death of Shirley Temple.
Traffic report Sports Day
Two great sporting events, the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics, collide in one week, transforming the top ten into a festival of flying feet, a carnival of colliding caraniums and a bacchanal of bouncing balls, combined to influence Wikipedia's most popular articles last week.
Traffic report Six strikes out
There are times when this job is hard. As an analogy, imagine navigating in fog at night, except you don't know where you are, you don't know where you want to go, and your flashlight keeps dying on you.
Traffic report No show for the Globes
While the 71st Golden Globe Awards, held on 12 January, had an impact on the top 25, their presence was largely absent from the Top 10. With the exception of Best Actor winner Leonardo DiCaprio, the only Golden Globe entrants in the Top 10 are films that would have been there anyway.
Traffic report The Hours are Ours
We now can get a far more accurate picture of which short surges in popularity are likely natural and which are not.
Traffic report Tragedy and television
The various maladies that befall humanity got some well-known faces this week: the death of the well-liked actor James Avery topped the list, but Michael Schumacher, who is in a coma after a skiing accident, also drew attention.
Traffic report A year stuck in traffic
In fact, the majority are relatively evenly split between three themes: people of interest, television, and websites.
Traffic report Hopper to the top
An animated Google Doodle for computer programmer and naval rear admiral Grace Hopper generated another record-breaking hit count for the year, though the count for the list overall was lower than for that of the previous holder.
Traffic report Deaths of Mandela, Walker top the list
When one edits this page for too long, one is tempted to appoint oneself as the psychoanalyst for the human race, or at least the English-speaking portion thereof. Since nearly everyone uses Wikipedia, the constant stream of TV updates, pointless celebrity scandals, and inquiries after who has died can seem like a dreary peek into humanity's surprisingly banal collective consciousness.
Traffic report Kennedy shot Who
Summary:Doctor Who nearly got cancelled in its first week because its premiere was swamped by coverage of the JFK assassination, which happened the same day. Thankfully, producers saw fit to rerun it the next day, which is now its official anniversary date.
Traffic report Ill Winds
It's not hard to guess which event is leading interest in the top 25 this week. The sheer scale of Typhoon Haiyan is staggering; estimates place its maximum windspeed upon first landfall in the Philippines on November 6 at 315 km/h, which would make it the most powerful tropical cyclone ever to reach land. To date, the storm has killed nearly 4000 people and damaged or destroyed nearly 4 million homes.
Traffic report Google Doodlebugs bust the block
The numbers this week are beyond anything that has been seen since this report began. The top view count beats the average by an order of magnitude. Usually the appearance of numbers this big on the list is due to spamming, but in this case it seems they are due to honest interest; more specifically, Google Doodles, which for the first time claimed all five top slots. This column has raised numerous times the power of a Google Doodle to shine light on Wikipedia, but the wattage has never been as high as this.
Traffic report Danse Macabre
It's fair to say that commemorating death was a strong theme this week, with Lou Reed's passing generating interest, as well as a Google Doodle celebrating the costume designer Edith Head. And of course, the world's greatest celebrations of the dead, Halloween and the Day of the Dead, were also popular this week.
Traffic report 200 miles in 200 years
The top 10 encapsulates the history of human aviation; at #1, a Google Doodle celebrating the 216th anniversary of the first parachute jump; at #10, the enduringly popular scifi film Gravity, a paean to human spaceflight. It's odd to think it's taken us 200 years to travel about that many miles up.
Traffic report Your average week ... and a fish
Media, sports and Google Doodles dominate, though a very odd fish decided to crash the party.
Traffic report Peace-ful potpourri
Peaceful potpourri: A slow week, with low overall views and the Top 10 dominated by longstanding pages. Gravity, Alfonso Cuaron's outer space-set action art film, not only held its position at the top of the US box office but climbed to the top of the Wikipedia chart as well, showing that it has become a major talking point.
Traffic report Shutdown shenanigans
If you're living in the United States, what did you do during the government shutdown? Well, it seems most people watched the final episode of Breaking Bad.
Traffic report Look on Walter's works
The saga of Walter White, chemistry teacher-turned-drug kingpin, as told in the critically adored television series Breaking Bad, has been a water-cooler necessity for years, and now, as it nears its end, audiences are feverishly following every plot thread to guess what the finale will reveal.
Traffic report Twerking, tragedy and TV
The top 10 is bookended by unlucky dates, as Friday the 13th fell just after the anniversary of 9/11. Breaking Bad's final season continued to draw attention, while interest in Miley Cyrus's youthful exuberance is fading only slowly.
Traffic report Syria, celebrities, and association football
oh my!: While the Syrian Civil War crept its slow way into the minds of the public, with a new fourth related entry in the top 25, the top 10 remained dominated by celebrity, mainly sports and music. Two megabucks transfers stimulated public interest in football/soccer ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers, while Lil Wayne's public apology ahead of his latest album release sent him to the top.
Traffic report No accounting for the wisdom of crowds
A news-heavy week offers some insight, perhaps, into humanity's priorities.
Traffic report Reddit creep
The debt that Wikipedia owes sites like Reddit or Google often goes unacknowledged around here. If the purpose of Wikipedia is to bring knowledge to the world, then it is sites like these that are actually doing it.
Traffic report Bad Cat
The arrival of the final season of Breaking Bad, arguably the most critically acclaimed TV series since The Wire, has spurred interest across the board, with two entries in the top 10. A Google Doodle to celebrate the birthday of physicist Erwin Schrödinger gave entries for both the man and his ill-used cat. This week was also another banner week for Indian viewers, with four India-related topics in the list, including no. 1, no doubt aided by the celebration of that country's Independence Day on August 15.
Traffic report Greetings from the graveyard
It's crickets and tumbleweeds this week, as the top 10 sees its lowest view-count since the project began. If Wikipedia were selling anything, we'd be having a fire sale by now.
Traffic report Bouncing Baby Brouhaha
Somewhat predictably, the birth of a new heir to the House of Windsor on 22 July led the English-speaking world to suddenly embrace Monarchism. In honour of this occasion, the Traffic report will be assiduously employing British spelling and dating conventions. Cheers.
Traffic report Gleeless
Death hangs over the top 10 this week, as tragic deaths both past and present continued to cast their pall over an already troubled world. The death of Corey Monteith led to a spike in interest in the man himself, his girlfriend and co-star Lea Michele, and the show that made them both famous, Glee.
Traffic report Most-viewed articles of the week
The most-viewed articles on the English Wikipedia last week include...
Traffic report Inflated view counts here, there, and everywhere
The most-viewed articles on the English Wikipedia last week include...
Traffic report Yahoo! crushes the competition ... in Wikipedia views
The real world made a strong showing in the top 10 last week, as news stories such as Yahoo!'s purchase of Tumblr, the murder of Odin Lloyd, the continuing drama over NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and the ill-health of Nelson Mandela crowded out the usual roster of TV shows, movies, websites and video games. Not that they were entirely excluded, of course.
Traffic report Most-viewed articles of the week
With most TV shows on hiatus for the summer, attention has turned to movies, celebrity and sports. The dramatic events at the 2013 Confederations Cup drew massive attention, as did summer blockbusters like Man of Steel and World War Z. But the most searched event of the week was the tragic and unexpected death of popular actor James Gandolfini on June 19.
Traffic report Most popular Wikipedia articles of the last week
The season finale of Game of Thrones ensured that the epic high fantasy series would dominate the top 10 again last week; however, it was joined by Maurice Sendak and Man of Steel.
Traffic report Who holds the throne?
Last week's most popular article list on the English Wikipedia was dominated by the massively popular TV series Game of Thrones, which claimed six slots in the top 25, including the top three. Its popularity was likely stoked by the most recent episode, The Rains of Castamere. Bollywood continued to increase its share of views as well, aided by the tragic suicide of star Nafisa Khan.
Traffic report Most popular Wikipedia articles of the last week
Most popular Wikipedia articles: The WP:TOP25 and WP:5000 reports chronicle the most popular Wikipedia articles on a weekly basis.
Special report Who reads which Wikipedia? The WMF's surprising stats
Who reads which Wikipedia?: Dutch-born Erik Zachte is the driver of the WMF's statistical output, and he writes that the "report card" and accompanying traffic statistics comprise "enough tables, bar charts and plots to keep you busy for a while".
Technology report MediaWiki 1.20 and the prospects for getting 1.21 code reviewed promptly
In late September, the Technology report published its findings about (particularly median) code review times. To the 23,900 changesets analysed the first time (the data for which has been updated), the Signpost added data from the 9,000 or so changesets contributed between September 17 and November 9 to a total of 93,000 reviews across 45,000 patchsets. Bots and self-reviews were also discarded, but reviews made by a different user in the form of a superseding patch were retained. Finally, users were categorised by hand according to whether they would be best regarded as staff or volunteers. The new analyses were consistent with the predictions of the previous analysis.
News and notes Anti-piracy act has Wikimedians on the defensive, WMF annual report released, and Indic language dynamics
Arbitration report Elections due to finish this week, little activity on Betacommand 3, Abortion case amended
Technology report 1.18 deployment on track, "mythical" Git migration scheduled, editor decline statistics improved
Popular pages Article stats for the English Wikipedia in the last year
News and notes Foundation reports editor trends, technology plans and communication changes; brief news
News and notes Newbies and patrollers: "Every now and then a nun or a tourist wanders in front of the rifle sights"
Arbitration statistics Arbitration Committee hearing fewer cases; longer decision times
News and notes Foundation report; gender statistics; DMCA takedowns; brief news
2010 in review Review of the year
Election report The community has spoken
Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News
News and notes Board resolutions, fundraiser challenge, traffic report, ten thousand good articles, and more
Dispatches Tools, part 2: Internal links and page histories
News and notes Page-edit stats, French National Library partnership, Mass page blanking, Jimbo on Pending changes
News and notes Pending changes analyzed, Foundation report, Main page bias, brief news
Admin stats RfA drought worsens in 2010—wikigeneration gulf emerging
Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News
News and notes $2 Million donation, cybersquatting, comScore statistics and more
News and notes Statistics, disasters, Wikipedia's birthday and more
2009 in review 2009 in Review
News and notes New WMF hire, new stats, and more
In the news Wales everywhere, participation statistics, and more
In the news Gender statistics, editors sued, and more
News and notes New stats, elections extended, strategic planning staff and more
News and notes Statistics, Wikipedia research and more
Editing stats Editing statistics show decline in participation
Dispatches Dispatches: Historic election proves groundbreaking on the Main Page
2008 fundraiser Fundraiser opens: Over $500,000 raised in first week
News and notes News and notes: 2,000,000, Finnish ArbCom, statistics, milestones
News and notes News and notes: FA stats, top information site, milestones
Statistical profiles Statistics indicate breadth of Wikipedia's appeal
News and notes News and notes: 1.5 million articles, milestones
News and notes News and notes
News and notes News and notes: Wikimedia board resolutions, milestones
Statistics Project statistics updated, except for Wikipedia
Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News
Statistics released Delayed Wikipedia statistics released
Access, traffic statistics Statistics indicate where Wikipedia is most popular
Return of stats Wikipedia statistics updated for first time in months


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