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Bouncing Baby Brouhaha

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By Serendipodous

Summary: Somewhat predictably, the birth of a new heir to the House of Windsor on 22 July led the English-speaking world to suddenly embrace Monarchism. In honour of this occasion, the Traffic report will be assiduously employing British spelling and dating conventions. Cheers.

For the complete top 25 report, see WP:TOP25

For the week of 20 to 27 July, the 10 most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the report of the 5,000 most trafficked pages* were:

Rank Last Wks Article Class Views Image Notes
1 - - Rosalind Franklin B-class 2,314,478
The co-discoverer of DNA alongside Watson and Crick got a Google Doodle to celebrate her 93rd birthday on 25 July.
2 - - Prince William, Duke of Cambridge B-class 790,630
The baby-daddy of the day got the highest view count of his extended family, though nearly everyone got a look-in.
3 - - Elizabeth II Featured Article 694,842
Still going strong after 61 years on the throne, no one can deny that the great-grandmother of the newly minted bundle of joy (her third great-grandkid so far) has done an excellent job of symbolising her country for all that time.
4 - - Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge B-class 655,249
That's Kate Middleton to the rest of us. You'd think she'd be higher, given that she did most of the work to bring about this situation.
5 - - Charles, Prince of Wales B-class 527,043
The heir to the British throne got some attention in accordance with his newly established granddad status.
6 - - Diana, Princess of Wales B-class 523,396
The baby's late and still much-lamented granny (the word just doesn't fit, does it?) may also have drawn attention due to a biopic coming out this year.
7 7 29 Facebook B-class 515,653
A perennially popular article.
8 14 2 The Conjuring (film) C-class 506,204 James Wan's latest ghost story (reportedly based on true events, take that as you will) stormed the US, taking $70 million in its first week.
9 - - The Wolverine (film) B-class 477,296 The second attempt to give X-Men fan-favourite Wolverine his own franchise appears to be doing far better than the first, taking $21 million in its first day.
10 - - Dennis Farina C-class 453,466
Likable actor of Manhunter, Get Shorty and Midnight Run fame got a decent sendoff from Wikipedians after his death on 22 July.
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I find it incredible that William, Elizabeth, Kate, Charles, and Diana are all on this list, and yet the royal whelp himself isn't. — Richard BB 06:16, 2 August 2013 (UTC)[reply]

See: WP:TOP25. Serendipodous 07:11, 2 August 2013 (UTC)[reply]
Still, it's a bit odd that the reason his relatives are all in the top 10 is because of his birth, and yet he's lower down at #16. — Richard BB 07:38, 2 August 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Note that the article Prince George of Cambridge (368,049 views) also appears in the WP:5000 under its previous titles: Son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (234,539 views) and Child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (119,854 views). Summing all these gives a total of 722,442 views, enough to move the royal baby up to 3rd place. the wub "?!" 10:47, 2 August 2013 (UTC)[reply]

That makes a lot more sense. Yes, I had all of those articles at one point on my watchlist, and the numerous page moves would certainly have dented its traffic. — Richard BB 11:29, 2 August 2013 (UTC)[reply]

The word "monarchism" with a capital letter, praise of the British monarch… No ideology (including monarchism and patriotism) is an excuse to WP:NPOV violations. --Синкретик (talk) 11:19, 3 August 2013 (UTC)[reply]


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