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Race and politics case closes

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By Neotarf

The case Race and politics was closed. The workshop phase continues for Infoboxes. The workshop phase closes in Kiefer.Wolfowitz and Ironholds. Voting on the proposed decision continues in the Tea Party movement case.

Closed cases

Race and politics brought by UseTheCommandLine and dealing with sourcing methods in articles pertaining to race politics, was closed after being suspended for a two-month period, to see if an editor central to the case, Apostle12, would return. The user did not return, a topic ban was imposed with regards to any page relating to "race and politics", and the user was directed to inform the committee if he returns to editing.

Open cases


This case, brought by Ched, involves the issue of who should make the decision to include an infobox in an article and to determine its formatting (right margin, footer, both, etc) -- whether the preferences of the original author should be taken into consideration, if the decision should be made by various WikiProjects to promote uniformity between articles, or whether each article should be decided on a case-by-case basis after discussion. It also involves what is perceived by some to be an aggressive addition or reverting of infoboxes to articles without discussion by some editors, in areas where they do not normally edit. Areas that have seen disputes over infoboxes include opera, the Classical Music and Composers project, and Featured Articles. The evidence phase of the case closed 31 July, the workshop closes 7 August, and a proposed decision is scheduled to be posted 14 August 2013.

Kiefer.Wolfowitz and Ironholds

This case, brought by Mark Arsten, involves a dispute between Kiefer Wolfowitz and Ironholds, the original account of Wikimedia Foundation employee Oliver Keyes, that began on-wiki and escalated in off-wiki forums, ending with statements that could be interpreted as threats of violence. The evidence phase of the case closed 26 July, the workshop closes 2 August, and a proposed decision is scheduled to be posted 9 August 2013.

Tea Party movement

This case involving a US political group, brought by KillerChihuahua, is now unsuspended, after a moderated discussion failed to agree on the ground rules for such a discussion. Voting continues on the proposed decision.

Other requests and committee action

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User:Okeyes (also known as user:Ironholds)'s comments on WP:IRC were discussed by the Christian Science Monitor.

A few of Oliver Keyes's WP:IRC comments were discussed by a leading newspaper, which also quoted Sue Gardner, in a discussion of on-line misogyny:

  • Murphy, Dan (1 August 2013). "In UK, rising chorus of outrage over online misogyny: Recent events in Britain draw more attention to endemic hostility towards women online". The Christian Science Monitor. Retrieved 1 August 2013.

Keyes uses the accounts User:Ironholds and User:Okeyes (WMF). Kiefer.Wolfowitz 06:57, 2 August 2013 (UTC)[reply]


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