News and notes

News and notes

Tunisia reportedly blocks Wikipedia

Reports surfaced last week that access to Wikipedia was being blocked in Tunisia for reasons unknown. According to the latest information, the block appears to have been lifted again. As Geni noted, the block was somewhat ironic considering that Tunisia hosted the 2005 World Summit on the Information Society, which included representatives of the global Wikimedia Foundation, as well as the German and French chapters.


The English Wikipedia reached the 1.5 million article milestone this week with the addition of Kanab Ambersnail, an article on an endangered snail subspecies. The article was created by Quarma on Friday, 24 November. This milestone came less than a year after the English Wikipedia reached one million articles in March (see archived story). It also came less than 24 hours after the German Wikipedia had reached 500,000 articles which made it the second language project to reach that milestone. Another milestone over the weekend was the French Wikipedia passing the 400,000 article mark with fr:Neuropathie (Neuropathy). In addition, Wikipedia, including all language versions, reached a total of 200 million edits this week.

Statistics available again

Erik Zachte's Wikipedia statistics pages are available again, with information updated through 31 October. They had been taken offline because data from non-public wikis had improperly been included in the reports. English Wikipedia data is only current through June, however, due to ongoing problems in making a successful database dump of the largest Wikipedia.


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Is it really irony?

(this is not intended to be smug)

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