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Wikipedia vandal fighter is profiled

An independent newspaper from British Columbia, The Tyee, profiles User:Tawker (Andrew). The article discusses the efforts of Wikipedians to revert edits made by users that vandalize articles. It presents a case study of what happened when Stephen Colbert challenged his audience to use wikiality to insert false information into Wikipedia. It concludes with a discussion of joke edits, anonymous vandalism, and the rise of using bots to fight vandalism on Wikipedia.

Archiving the Internet

The Associated Press carried a story that was picked up by various local newpapers regarding efforts to "remember" websites that die. Brief mention is made of, a website that is described as "trying to save the ever-changing web." However, the article concludes that "any information not truthful enough to make it into Wikipedia is probably dubious twice over..."

Teen reporter covers Wikipedia

The Winston-Salem Journal carried an article titled "Check It Out: Wikipedia useful, with precaution." Teen reporter, Kyle Anderson, gives an overview of Wikipedia, covers criticisms of the anyone-can-edit model, and recommends that users verify information found on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia exemplifies collaboration

The National Post interviews Don Tapscott about his new book, Wikinomics, which analyses the power of collaboration and holds up Wikipedia as an example.

Wikipedia as source

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Topic Source type Source name Notes
Deleted Wikipedia entries Wire Service The Associated Press A story that has been talked about on blogs for for several weeks, was mentioned in an AP story on Coyle describes as "trying to save the ever-changing web." Concluding that "Any information not truthful enough to make it into Wikipedia is probably dubious twice over..."
really old LargCirc Mag(US) Discover Update on visual images of edits by Visual Communication Lab, IBM Research for evolution
wikinomics LargeCirc news National Post Interview of author of Wikinomics, a new book analysing the power of collaboration, including an analysis of Wikipedia's success(?)
general SmallCirc news(US) Winston-Salem Journal Teen reporter gives overview of Wikipedia, criticisms of the anyone-can-edit model, and recommends users verify information found on Wikipedia
tawker Indy news(CA) The Tyee (British Columbia) Interview of User:Tawker and his use of bots, how they applied to the Stephen Colbert Wikiality television segment, and discussion of vandalism and joke edits.
Citizendium(US) Univ News The Exponent Online] Student newspaper story on Citizendium brief quotes Sorin Matei, assistant professor of communication at Purdue
source Online finance eCommerceTimes References Wikipedia's article on Information asymmetry to define the term.
China unblock comp mag(AU) PC Authority(unblock) Coverage of China's unblock and reblock continue, with some news still reporting on the unblock
comp mag(US) TechNewsWorld(reblock)
law online(ZA) Legalbrief](reblock)
comp mag(UK) InformationWorldReview(unblock)
largcirc news(AU) The Sidney Morning Herald(reblock)
Wikipedia CD Press Release 2,500 entries from the English Wikipedia have been made available for download. The selected articles "aim [to] help schools enhance their curriculum, and [help] children learn."
Public Art Registry Press Release Press Release In a challenge reminescent of Jimbo's October posting "Dream a little," the Public Art Registry is seeking $100,000,000 to create "the first and only on-line catalog of global public art and architecture."
source online news uses Wikipedia as a source for biographical infomation on Micheal Richards


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