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WikiProject report WikiProjects Israel and Palestine
What are the editorial processes behind covering some of the most politically polarizing and contentious topics on English Wikipedia?
Tips and tricks What automation can do for you (and your WikiProject)
A summary of various tools designed over the years.
WikiProject report Wikipedians Convene for Queering Wikipedia 2023: The First International LGBT+ Wikipedia Conference
An online conference with 12 distributed trans-local in-person meetup "Nodes" on 5 continents
WikiProject report WikiProject Organized Labour
An interview with those who pitch in together
WikiProject report WikiProject COVID-19 revisited
The interviewees of March 2020's WikiProject report join us once again to discuss the evolution and future of the project.
WikiProject report 10 years of tea
Coffee in Teahouse and other secrets revealed in this interview with volunteers.
WikiProject report The Forgotten Featured
Interview with volunteers at the Unreviewed featured articles 2020 working group.
WikiProject report Interview with contributors to WikiProject Actors and Filmmakers
From the silver screen to your computer screen
WikiProject report Redirection
An interview with participants at WikiProject Redirect.
WikiProject report The Random and the Beautiful
An interview with members of the Random Page Patrol.
WikiProject report WikiProject Days of the Year Interview
You can start with your birthday article!
WikiProject report WikiProject on open proxies interview
Interview with volunteers at Wikiproject on open proxies
WikiProject report WikiProject Black Lives Matter
How Wikipedia is covering racial injustice, both in the outer world and on-site
WikiProject report Revitalizing good articles
Can our energy be turned into long-term change?
WikiProject report The Guild of Copy Editors
An interview with members of the Guild.
WikiProject report WikiProject COVID-19: A WikiProject Report
An interview with members of the COVID Project.
WikiProject report WikiProject Japan: a wikiProject Report
An interview with four members of the WikiProject Japan.
WikiProject report Wikiproject Tree of Life: A Wikiproject report
Eight years after our last interview, WikiProject Tree of Life continues to thrive.
WikiProject report WikiProject Articles for Creation
Articlegenesis: Discovering how new and unregistered users make articles with the members of WikiProject Articles for Creation.
WikiProject report Women in Red—using teamwork and partnerships to elevate online and offline collaborations
Tackling content gaps through collaboration.
WikiProject report Meet the boilerplate makers
The Report checks in with WikiProject Templates.
WikiProject report Some more politics
WikiProject Politics of the United Kingdom
WikiProject report What happens when a country is no longer a country?
We return this week with an interview with a historical project that's still fairly active, WikiProject Former countries.
WikiProject report Able to make a stand
Here to share their wisdom are Dodger67, Penny Richards, LilyKitty, and Mirokado of WikiProject Disability
WikiProject report We are back - Western Australia speaks
Western Australia speaks – we are back: It wouldn't be the WikiProject report if we didn't feature an Australian topic once in a while, so this week we're looking at the left side.
Discussion report The deprecation of Persondata; RfA – A broken process; Complaints from users on Swedish Wikipedia
Since the dawn of Wikipedia, or at least since 22 December 2005, the template named Persondata has existed.
WikiProject report Cell-ebrating molecular biology
Cell-ebrating Molecular Biology: This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology, which has come a long way since our last interview in 2008. Like most projects, it has a long member list, but only a small subset of that group regularly contributes. With 28 featured articles and 58 top-importance start class ones, the project has clearly had some success, but has a ways to go. We talked to three regular project contributors.
WikiProject report WikiProject Christianity
With Holy Week having recently drawn to a close, it is an apt time to examine , which was created in 2006, and boasts over 200 active members.
WikiProject report Be prepared... Scouts in the spotlight
This week's project is on a youth activity, one of the largest in the world; its project is commensurately large, containing around 136 active editors. It's WikiProject Scouting, a group of editors whose remit is everything relating to the Scouting movement, which has around 42 million members worldwide and celebrated the centenary of its founding only eight years ago.
WikiProject report Brand new WikiProjects profiled
This week, we bring three of the most recently created WikiProjects to come into being on the English Wikipedia. While many long-established projects are becoming inactive, (as we have covered before), that doesn't stop new ones forming every now and then to cover a topic that a group of editors feel should be better cared for.
WikiProject report Dicing with death – on Wikipedia?
A small band of dedicated editors seek to improve articles relating to a less lively topic. If you haven't yet guessed, this week's focus is WikiProject Death.
Op-ed Let's make WikiProjects better
Our contributor opines that WikiProjects are failing to live up to their potential. WikiProject X is a new project funded by a Wikimedia Foundation Individual Engagement Grant that focuses on figuring out what makes some WikiProjects work and not others.
WikiProject report Articles for creation: the inside story
This anniversary issue, the WikiProject report is returning to WikiProject Articles for creation for one of our largest interviews ever. Last looked at in 2011, AfC is the method used by unregistered or new users to create articles, and provides an effective filtering system to remove all unsuitable or unsourced submissions to save them needing to be found and deleted later.
WikiProject report Microsoft does The Signpost
A WikiProject does that old trick of becoming nearly inactive and then springing back to life.
WikiProject report Today on the island
WikiProject Islands, from 2008 to now.
WikiProject report Back with the military historians
It's time for this year's edition of the Report looking at possibly our largest wikiproject: Military history. Since our last interview in June 2013, the project has had no break in its huge quest to document everything in their scope, that is, militaries and conflicts of the past. As usual, its participants were eager to answer the questions posed by The Signpost and update us on how they are doing.
WikiProject report The interesting world of urban planning
According to the WHO, 54% of the world's population now lives in urban areas. Chances are that you are one of them. Many Wikipedians contribute to articles relating to where they live or have visited. But have you ever thought a little beyond that and written about concepts of the cities, the towns, the areas themselves? If not, don't worry! There's a project for that, and they are the subject of the WikiProject Report this week.
WikiProject report Talking hospitals
We return to our interview format this week, speaking with the participants of WikiProject Hospitals. This project, formed in 2010, has no Featured content and only three Good articles, yet aided by around 30 hard-working Wikipedians covers a topic that is essential to life.
WikiProject report De-orphanning articles - a huge task but with a huge team of volunteers to help
De-orphanning articles—a huge task but with a huge team of volunteers to help: PaintedCarpet explains that "WikiProject Orphanage aims to connect all Wikipedia pages, so that pages can be found and read more easily."
WikiProject report Signpost reaches the Midwest
Today, it's the turn of WikiProject Ohio to give us an interview probing deep into of how they manage to run a project covering one fiftieth of the United States, and the workings of how they manufacture their successes and other articles.
WikiProject report Animals, farms, forests, USDA? It must be WikiProject Agriculture
This week, the Signpost went down to the farm to have a look at the work of WikiProject Agriculture, which has been in existence since 2007 and has a scope covering crop production, livestock management, aquaculture, dairy farming and forest management.
WikiProject report GAN reviewers take note: competition time
A year and a week later, we're with some of the members of WikiProject Good Articles, who wanted to share the news of their upcoming contest within the project, the GA Cup. The aim of this friendly competition, which is held in the same light friendly manner of the WikiCup and the Core Contest, is to reduce the backlog of unreviewed articles at Good article nominations which has been a constant problem for quite a few years for those running the GA process.
WikiProject report A trip up north to Scotland
As Scotland is deciding its future this week, we thought it might be a good idea to get to know the editors of WikiProject Scotland and talk to them about the project.
WikiProject report Checking that everything's all right
This week, the Signpost decided to have a look around with WikiProject Check Wikipedia a maintenance project not concerned so much with articles' content, but in all the tiny errors that are to be found scattered within them. Their front page gives a list of things they mainly focus on ...
WikiProject report Gray's Anatomy (v. 2)
"This week, the Signpost went out to meet WikiProject Anatomy, dedicated to improving the articles about all our bones, brains, bladders and biceps, and getting them to the high standard expected of a comprehensive encyclopaedia."
WikiProject report Bats and gloves
At the plate with WikiProject Baseball!
WikiProject report Indigenous peoples of North America
This week, the Signpost visited the Indigenous peoples of North America WikiProject.
WikiProject report The world where dreams come true
This week, the Signpost visited the land of Disney, blockbusters, explosions, dream sequences, and cultural masterpieces: film.
Recent research Power users and diversity in WikiProjects; the "network of cultures" in multilingual Wikipedia biographies
Power users and diversity in WikiProjects: In a recent paper, Jacob Solomon and Rick Wash investigate the question of sustainability in online communities by analysing trends in the growth of WikiProjects.
Discussion report Media Viewer, old HTML tags
Discussions on the English Wikipedia this week include...
WikiProject report Visiting the city
This week, the Signpost came in from the hinterland to interview members of the Cities WikiProject.
WikiProject report Relaxing in Puerto Rico
This week, the Signpost jumped over the ocean to chat with the Puerto Rico WikiProject.
WikiProject report Singing with Eurovision
Formed in 2003, the Eurovision WikiProject boasts four featured articles and 22 good articles. The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 is currently taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark, so we went to the stage to talk with one of the project's members.
WikiProject report Genetics
This week, we unraveled the mysteries of WikiProject .
WikiProject report To the altar—Catholicism
This week, we visited WikiProject Catholicism.
WikiProject report Law
This week, we interviewed the Law WikiProject.
WikiProject report Deutschland in English
This week, we visited with WikiProject Germany.
WikiProject report From the peak
This week, the Signpost interviewed the English Wikipedia's Mountains WikiProject.
WikiProject report We have history
This week, we visited WikiProject History, an ancient project with roots dating back to 2001. The project is home to 196 pieces of Featured material and 483 Good and A-class articles independent of the vast accomplishments of its various child projects. WikiProject History maintains a lengthy list of tasks, oversees the history portal, and continues to build Wikipedia's outline of history.
WikiProject report Examining the Russian Wikipedia's Entomology Project
Russian WikiProject Entomology: This week, we interviewed Anaxibia from the Russian-language Entomology WikiProject.
WikiProject report Article Rescue Squadron
This week, the Signpost delved into the English Wikipedia's .
Discussion report Four paragraph lead, indefinitely blocked IPs, editor reviews broken?
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
WikiProject report Racking brains with neuroscience
This week, we found three Ph.D.s willing to give us a crash course on WikiProject Neuroscience.
WikiProject report Countering Systemic Bias
WikiProject Countering System Bias aims to combat imbalanced coverage while encouraging neglected cultural perspectives and points of view, both in articles and in the larger Wikipedia community. As you'll see from the varied experiences and motivations of our nine respondents, the biases that the folks at WP CSB tackle run the full gamut of human characteristics and dispositions. The interview that follows unveils many of Wikipedia's greatest shortcomings.
WikiProject report Game Time in Russia
In celebration of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, we revisited the team at WikiProject Russia to learn how the project has changed since our first interview in 2011.
WikiProject report Special report: Contesting contests
Contests have existed almost as long as the English Wikipedia. Contestants have expanded hundreds of articles and made tens of thousands of edits. Although it may seem as though there aren't any negatives to contests, they have occasionally become a divisive topic on the English Wikipedia.
WikiProject report WikiProject Sociology
This week, we studied human social behavior with the folks at .
WikiProject report Jumping into the television universe
This week, we spent some time with WikiProject Television.
WikiProject report Where Are They Now? Fifth Edition
The year 2013 has come and gone, adding 50 new WikiProject Reports to our long list of projects we've had the privilege to meet. Last year saw the continuation of our Babel series, featuring WikiProjects from other languages of Wikipedia. We also expanded our selection of special reports, offering readers a growing collection of helpful tips and tools as they participate in WikiProjects.
Discussion report Article incubator, dates and fractions, medical disclaimer
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia and around the Wikimedia movement include...
WikiProject report More Great WikiProject Logos
We saved one last special report for 2013. After our well-received review of great WikiProject logos a couple years ago, it was only a matter of time before we collected a new batch of interesting iconography that showcases the creativity of the Wikipedia community. Hopefully, these logos will also inspire other projects to liven up their drab pages.
Discussion report Draft namespace, VisualEditor meetings
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
WikiProject report Babel Series: Tunisia on the French Wikipedia
This week, the Signpost interviewed the Tunisia WikiProject on the French Wikipedia.
Discussion report Usernames, template data and documentation, Main page, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
WikiProject report WikiProject Wine
This week, the Signpost interviewed the Wine WikiProject.
WikiProject report Electronic Apple Pie
This week, we returned to WikiProject Apple Inc. for a peek at their newest articles about the latest in gadgets and software. The last time we took a bite out of WikiProject Apple, they had just finished merging WikiProject Macintosh and WikiProject iPhone OS. Today, the project is hard at work rewriting their primary article, improving the subject's outline, and adding to the project's list of 25 Good Articles and 6 Featured Articles.
Discussion report Musical scores, diversity conference, Module:Convert, and more
Recent discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
WikiProject report Score! American football on Wikipedia
This week, we headed over to WikiProject National Football League. With 10 Featured Articles, 61 Featured Lists, and 142 Good Articles (as of publication), this WikiProject has done a lot of work improving American football articles.
WikiProject report The world of soap operas
This week, we followed the intricate storylines of WikiProject Soap Operas.
Discussion report Commas, draft namespace proposal, education updates
Commas, Draft namespace proposal, education updates, and more: Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
WikiProject report WikiProject Accessibility
This week, we spent some time with , a project that strives to make Wikipedia accessible for users with disabilities. The project improves Wikipedia's guidelines and Manual of Style, collects useful templates and scripts, and provides support to impaired Wikipedians.
Discussion report Sockpuppet investigations, VisualEditor, Wikidata's birthday, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
WikiProject report Special: Lessons from the dead and dying
With Halloween, the Day of the Dead, and other gloomy celebrations this week, we're taking a look at Wikipedia's dead and dying. For some dead WikiProjects, the sole purpose of their life was simply to serve as a warning to others. Some of these projects may still be salvageable, but for most, a revival is unlikely. Here are some projects that never got off the ground and the lessons that can be gleaned from their follies
WikiProject report Elements of the world
This week, we headed to an elementary subject with WikiProject Elements. Founded by Mav in 2002, this project has grown to have 19 featured articles, 2 featured topics, and 68 good articles. The project also has a list of templates, and a periodic table of elements filled with pictures.
Discussion report More discussion of paid advocacy, upcoming arbitrator elections, research hackathon, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
WikiProject report Heraldry and Vexillology
This week, we studied coats of arms and flags with the folks at WikiProject . Started in September 2006, the project has grown to include 20 Featured Articles and nearly 50 Good Articles. The project maintains a portal, a list of resources, and a variety of images and templates.
Discussion report Ada Lovelace Day, paid advocacy on Wikipedia, sidebar update, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
WikiProject report Australian Roads
This week, we moved to the esoteric world of Australian roads.
WikiProject report U2 Too
This week, we revisited the enthusiastic editors at WikiProject U2. Started in June 2007, the project has grown in spurts, resulting in a collection of 8 Featured Articles and 24 Good Articles. The project maintains a to do list, portal, and a list of references.
Discussion report References to individuals and groups, merging wikiprojects, portals on the Main page, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
WikiProject report Babel Series: GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!
This week, we continued our exploration of other language editions of Wikipedia by visiting the Spanish Wikipedia's Wikiproyecto Fútbol (WikiProject Football).
WikiProject report 18,464 Good Articles on the wall
This week, the Signpost headed to WikiProject Good Articles. As of publishing time, out of the 4,331,477 articles on Wikipedia, only 18,464 are rated as "good" (about 1 in 235).
WikiProject report Traveling to Indonesia
WikiProject Indonesia: The Signpost went to Indonesia this week.
WikiProject report Writing on the frontier: Psychology on Wikipedia
This week, we spent some time with the minds behind WikiProject Psychology. The project was created in March 2006 and has grown to include 14 Featured Articles and 43 Good Articles.
Discussion report Arbcom election procedures, Wiki Loves Monuments, Privacy policy, FDC, and more
As mentioned in "In the news" on Wikipedia's main page, the Library of Birmingham in the United Kingdom has opened. This interior photo was taken a week before opening. The article reports that the library "has been described as the largest public library in the United Kingdom, the largest public cultural space in Europe, and the largest regional library in Europe."
WikiProject report Loop-the-loop: Amusement Parks
This week, we secured free admission for WikiProject Amusement Parks, the project dedicated to amusement rides, roller coasters, theme parks, traveling carnivals, and funfairs.
WikiProject report Today's article for improvement
This week, we spent some time with the folks behind Today's Article for Improvement, commonly shortened to TAFI, which Coin945 notes is pronounced "taffy". The initiative began in July 2012 as an attempt to "use widespread collaborative editing to improve articles... over a short time frame." Two of the project's touted accomplishments are improving the articles for Sea and Entertainment from start-class to Good Article status. In addition to drawing veteran editor attention with a Community Portal widget and weekly announcements posted to subscribed talk pages, TAFI briefly appeared as a box on Wikipedia's main page welcoming new editors to contribute. Plans are ongoing to return TAFI to the main page.
Discussion report Skyscrapers, Gibraltar DYKs, Four Award, Secure login, and more
A new post in the WMF blog describes Assistant Professor Amy E. Hughes' experience in the Wikimedia Education Program with a two term graduate class on Western theater history.
WikiProject report For the love of stamps
WikiProject Philately
Discussion report Wikivoyage, reliable sources, music bands, account creators, and OTRS
Recent discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
WikiProject report WikiProject Freedom of Speech
This week, we journey into a WikiProject that focuses about what keeps Wikipedia running, the freedom of speech.
Discussion report Civility policy, geographic names, CheckUser and Oversighter candidates, and more
CheckUser and Oversighter candidates, and more: Recent discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
WikiProject report Babel Series: Politics on the Turkish Wikipedia
This week, we visited the Turkish Wikipedia for an interview with VikiProje Siyaset (WikiProject Politics). The project began in April 2010 and has sustained a small but enthusiastic group of editors focusing on both the domestic politics of Turkey and international politics. The basics for article quality and importance ratings have been determined, but tracking this data has not yet become widespread on the Turkish Wikipedia. The project maintains a portal, a variety of resources, and a rotating selection of images to spruce up the project's page.
Discussion report Defining consensus; VisualEditor default state; expert and layperson terms in article titles
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia this week include...
WikiProject report WikiProject Religion
This week, the Signpost delved into the vast and complex areas of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that make up religion. has been around since 2005 and has a complex scope, in that it only takes articles that deal with religion in a non-sectarian sense, along with any articles that do not have a dedicated daughter project.
Discussion report Partially disambiguated page names, page protection policy, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
WikiProject report WikiProject Square Enix
This week, we explored the fantasy worlds of video game developer Square Enix by interviewing . The project began in September 2006 as a spin-off of WikiProject Final Fantasy, but today covers that, Kingdom Hearts, Dragon Quest, Chrono Trigger, and a variety of other game series, with exceptions explained in the interview below. The project is home to 32 pieces of Featured material and 104 Good and A-class articles.
WikiProject report Not Jimbo: WikiProject Wales
This week, we traveled to Cymru with the folks at WikiProject Wales.
Discussion report Featured article process governance, signature templates, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include ...
WikiProject report Puppies!
This week, the Signpost went to the kennel and interviewed WikiProject Dogs. The project has several featured and good articles, along with a large number of "Did you know" entries. We asked three project members about the challenges of creating, curating, and maintaining canine content in an increasingly dog-obsessed world.
Discussion report Snuggle, mainpage link to Wikinews, 3RR, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
WikiProject report WikiProject Fashion
This week, we walked the runway with . Started in March 2007, the project is home to 4 Featured Articles and 41 Good Articles. The project has a lengthy list of how you can help and a list of Article Alerts.
Discussion report Privacy policy, X!'s edit counter, old rangeblocks, and the Article Incubator
A list of current discussions on the English Wikipedia.
WikiProject report The Volunteer State: WikiProject Tennessee
This week, we visited WikiProject Tennessee, a project dedicate to the state at the geographic and cultural crossroads of the United States.
Discussion report Citations, non-free content, and a MediaWiki meeting
A list of current discussions on the English Wikipedia.
WikiProject report Processing WikiProject Computing
This week, we spent some time with WikiProject Computing. Started in October 2003, the project has grown to include 17 featured articles, 11 featured lists, 3 pieces of featured media, and 80 good articles.
Discussion report VisualEditor, elections, bots, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia.
WikiProject report Operation Normandy
This week, we reflect on the anniversary of D-Day by storming the shores of , a special initiative of WikiProject Military History.
WikiProject report WikiProject Geographical Coordinates
This week, we plotted out the demarcations of , which aims to create a single standard of handling coordinates in Wikipedia articles.
WikiProject report Classical Greece and Rome
This week, we traveled to WikiProject . The project was started in May 2006 and has 37 featured articles.
WikiProject report Knock Out: WikiProject Mixed Martial Arts
This week, we spent some time watching WikiProject Mixed Martial Arts, which was started in August 2005 and has grown to include 12 Good Articles and a Featured List.
WikiProject report Earn $100 in cash... and a button!
This week's English Wikipedia project, WikiProject Biophysics, is home to several experts in their fields and a collaboration with the Biophysical Society, and it's hosting a contest through July 15 for $600 in cash and a ticket to the Biophysical Society's annual meeting in San Francisco.
WikiProject report Japanese WikiProject Baseball
This week, we traveled to the Japanese Wikipedia's WikiProject Baseball for perspectives from a version of Wikipedia that treats WikiProjects as their own unique namespace (プロジェクト:) independent of "Wikipedia:".
WikiProject report WikiProject Editor Retention
This week, we spent some time with a project that develops tools and methods for improving the user experience in the hope that new users will continue editing the encyclopedia, to spread WikiLove, welcome new users, encourage civility, and other related activities.
WikiProject report Unity in Diversity: WikiProject South Africa
Unity in Diversity: South Africa: This week, we ventured to WikiProject South Africa. The project was started in February 2005 and is home to thirteen pieces of featured material, two A-class articles, and twenty-one good articles.
WikiProject report Earthshattering WikiProject Earthquakes
This week, we felt the world tremble in the presence of WikiProject Earthquakes. The project was started in May 2008 to deal with articles about earthquakes, aftershocks, seismology, seismologists, plate tectonics, and related articles. While the project has seen success building 14 Featured Articles, one A-class Article, and 21 Good Articles, a fairly heavy workload remains, with a relative WikiWork rating of 4.94. WikiProject Earthquakes maintains a portal, a list of open tasks, a popular pages listing, and an article alerts watchlist.
WikiProject report Special: FAQs
This week's Report is dedicated to answering our readers' questions about WikiProjects. The following Frequently Asked Questions came from feedback at the WikiProject Report's talk page, the WikiProject Council's talk page, and from previous lists of FAQs.
WikiProject report The 'Burgh: WikiProject Pittsburgh
Our travels have brought us to Pittsburgh, the American city known for steelworks and bridges.
WikiProject report Making music with WikiProject Composers
Making music: This week, we composed a tribute to WikiProject Composers. The project was created during the final hours of 2004 and finalized in early January 2005. It has grown to encompass over 8,000 pages, including 26 Featured Articles and 23 Good Articles. WikiProject Composers faces a difficult workload, with a relative WikiWork rating of 5.45.
WikiProject report Setting a precedent
This week, we spent some time with WikiProject U.S. Supreme Court Cases.
WikiProject report WikiProject Television Stations
This week, we tuned to , a project that dates back to March 2004, focusing on local stations, national networks, television markets, and other topics related to television channels in North America, the Caribbean, and some Pacific countries.
WikiProject report How to measure a WikiProject's workload
How can we measure the challenges facing a project or determine a WikiProject's productivity? Several prominent projects have been doing it for years: WikiWork.
WikiProject report Thank you for flying WikiProject Airlines
This week, we put our life in the hands of WikiProject Airlines. Starting in July 2005, the project has improved articles relating to airline companies, alliances, destination lists, and travel benefit programs. WikiProject Airlines has accumulated over 4,000 pages, including 4 Featured Articles and 26 Good Articles.
WikiProject report Just the Facts – WikiProject Infoboxes
Just the Facts: This week, we got the details on WikiProject Infoboxes.
WikiProject report Land of the Midnight Sun – WikiProject Norway
Land of the Midnight Sun: This week, we took a trip to WikiProject Norway. Started in February 2005, WikiProject Norway has become the home for almost 34,000 articles about the world's best place to live, including 16 Featured Articles, 19 Featured Lists, and nearly 250 Good Articles. The project works on a to do list, maintains a categorization system, watches article alerts, and serves as a discussion forum.
WikiProject report Checkmate! – WikiProject Chess
Checkmate! — WikiProject Chess: When we challenged the masters of WikiProject Chess to an interview, Sjakkalle answered our call. WikiProject Chess dates back to December 2003 and has grown to include 4 Featured Articles and 15 Good Articles maintained by over 100 members. The project typically operates independently of other WikiProjects, although the project would theoretically be a child of WikiProject Board and Table Games (interviewed in 2011). WikiProject Chess provides a collection of resources, seeks missing photographs of chess players, and helps determine ways that Wikipedia's coverage of chess can be expanded.
WikiProject report Say What? — WikiProject Linguistics
This week, we spent some time with WikiProject Linguistics. Started in January 2004, the project has grown to include 7 Featured Articles, 4 Featured Lists, 2 A-class Articles, and 15 Good Articles maintained by 43 members. The project's members keep an eye on several watchlists, maintain the linguistics category, and continue to build a collection of Did You Know? entries. The project is home to six task forces and works with WikiProject Languages and WikiProject Writing Systems.
WikiProject report Reach for the Stars: WikiProject Astronomy
This week, we set off for the final frontier with WikiProject Astronomy, started in August 2006 using the now-defunct WikiProject Space as inspiration, home to 101 pieces of Featured material and 148 Good Articles maintained by a band of 186.
WikiProject report Where Are They Now? Episode IV: A New Year
We'll spend this week looking back at the trials and tribulations of the WikiProjects we encountered in 2012. Where are they now?
WikiProject report New Year, New York
Since December 2004, WikiProject NYC has had the difficult task of maintaining articles about the largest city in the United States, many of which are also among the the most viewed articles on Wikipedia.
WikiProject report A Song of Ice and Fire
This week, we spent some time with WikiProject , which focuses on the eponymous series of high fantasy literature, the television series Game of Thrones, and related works by George R. R. Martin. The project was started in July 2006 and has grown to include 11 Good Articles maintained by a small yet enthusiastic band of editors.
WikiProject report WikiProjekt Computerspiel: Covering Computer Games in Germany
Following in the footsteps of our previously interviewed Czech and French projects, we visited the German Wikipedia to explore WikiProjekt Computerspiel (WikiProject Computer Games), which dates back to November 2004.
WikiProject report WikiProject Human Rights
In celebration of Human Rights Day, we checked out . Started in February 2006, the project has grown to include over 3,000 articles, including 12 Featured Articles, 3 Featured Lists, 66 Good Articles, a large collection of Did You Know entries, and a few mentions "in the news". The project monitors listings of popular pages and cleanup tags. We interviewed Khazar2, Cirt, and Boud.
WikiProject report The White Rose: WikiProject Yorkshire
This week, we went searching for white roses in the lands of WikiProject Yorkshire, started in May 2007 and since accumulated 31 Featured Articles, 14 Featured Lists, 91 Good Articles, and a monstrous list of Did You Know entries.
WikiProject report Directing Discussion: WikiProject Deletion Sorting
This week, we uncovered WikiProject Deletion Sorting, Wikipedia's most active project by number of edits to all the project's pages. This special project seeks to increase participation in Articles for Deletion nominations by categorizing the AfD discussions by various topic areas that may draw the attention of editors. The project was started in August 2005 with manual processes that are continued today by a bevy of bots, categories, and transclusions. The project took inspiration from WikiProject Stub Sorting and some historical discussions on deletion reform. As the sheer number of AfDs continues to grow, the project is seeking better tools to manage the deletion sorting process and attract editors to comment on these deletion discussions.
WikiProject report No teenagers, mutants, or ninjas: WikiProject Turtles
This week, we spent some time with WikiProject Turtles. The young project started in January 2011 and has accumulated 5 Featured Articles, 3 Featured Lists, and 6 Featured Pictures. The project maintains a combined to-do list and hot articles meter, a popular pages ranking, and a collection of resources for turtle articles. We interviewed Faendalimas and NYMFan69-86.
WikiProject report Land of parrots, palm trees, and the Holy Cross: WikiProject Brazil
As promised, we're expanding our horizons by featuring projects that cover underrepresented areas of the globe. This week, we headed to WikiProject Brazil which keeps track of articles about the world's largest Portuguese-speaking country. The project has shown spurts of activity and continues to serve as a hub for discussions, despite the project's collaborations, peer reviews, and outreach activities being largely inactive.
WikiProject report Listening to WikiProject Songs
This week, The Signpost sings along with WikiProject Songs which focuses on articles about songs of every generation and genre. The project initially began as a rough outline in October 2002 and was reimagined in March 2004 using its parent WikiProject Albums as a template.
WikiProject report In recognition of... WikiProject Military History
This week, we're checking out ways to motivate editors and recognize valuable contributions by focusing on the awards and rewards of WikiProject Military History. Anyone unfamiliar with WikiProject Military History is encouraged to start at the report's first article about the project and make your way forward. While many WikiProjects provide a barnstar that can be awarded to helpful contributors, WikiProject Military History has gone a step further by creating a variety of awards with different criteria ranging from the all-purpose WikiChevrons to rewards for participating in drives and improving special topics to medals for improving articles up to A-class status to the coveted "Military Historian of the Year" award.
WikiProject report Where in the world is Wikipedia?
The WikiProject Report normally brings tidings from Wikipedia's most active, inventive, and unique WikiProjects. This week, we're trying something new by focusing on Wikipedia's dark side: the various regional and national WikiProjects that are dead or dying. How can some tiny municipalities and exclaves generate highly active, cross-language, multimedia platforms be successful while the projects representing many sovereign countries and entire continents wallow in obscurity? Today, we'll search for answers among geographic projects large and small, highly active and barely functioning, enthusiastic about the future and mired in past conflicts.
WikiProject report WikiProject Chemicals
This week, we experimented with . Started in August 2004, has grown to include over 10,000 articles about chemical compounds. The project has a unique assessment system that omits C-class, Good, and Featured Articles. As a result, the project's 11 GAs and 9 FAs are treated as A-class articles. is a child of WikiProject Chemistry (interviewed in 2009) and a parent of WikiProject Polymers.
WikiProject report Ten years and one million articles: WikiProject Biography
On this day five years ago, the WikiProject Report debuted as a new Signpost column with an overview of WikiProject Biography. Today, we're celebrating two milestone: five years of the WikiProject Report and the tenth birthday of our first featured project. WikiProject Biography is by far the largest WikiProject on Wikipedia, with over one million articles under the project's scope. As a comparison, WikiProject Biography is three times larger than Wikipedia's second largest project, and if WikiProject Biography were split into its 14 subprojects and work groups, it would still make the list of the 20 largest WikiProjects... four times.
WikiProject report The Name's Bond... WikiProject James Bond
In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the James Bond film series, we spent some time bonding with WikiProject James Bond. The project is in the unique position of having already pushed all of its primary content to Good and Featured status, including all of Ian Fleming's novels, short stories, and every film that has been released. Work has begun in earnest on the article Skyfall for the release of the new Bond film later this month. The project could still use help improving articles about Bond actors, characters, gadgets, music, video games, and related topics
WikiProject report 01010010 01101111 01100010 01101111 01110100 01101001 01100011 01110011
This week, we tinkered with WikiProject Robotics, which covers both fictitious and real-life robots, the technology that powers them, and many of the brains behind the robotics field
WikiProject report Action! — The Indian Cinema Task Force
With Indian cinema celebrating its 100th year of existence in 2013, we shine a spotlight on the Indian Cinema Task Force, a subproject that seeks to improve the quality and quantity of articles about Indian cinema, works on a to-do list, maintains the Bollywood Portal, and ensures articles follow the film style guidelines.
WikiProject report WikiProject Fungi
After a week's hiatus, the WikiProject Report returns with an interview featuring . Started in March 2006, the project has grown to include over 9,000 pages, including 47 Featured Articles and 176 Good Articles. The project maintains a list of high priority missing articles and stubs that need expansion.
WikiProject report From sonic screwdrivers to jelly babies: WikiProject Doctor Who
From sonic screwdrivers to jelly babies: Doctor Who: This week, we hopped in a little blue box with a batch of companions started in April 2005, the parent of the Torchwood Taskforce and a child of WikiProject British TV and WikiProject Science Fiction.
WikiProject report Land of Calm and Contrast: WikiProject Korea
Land of Calm and Contrast: Korea: This week, we spent some time with WikiProject Korea. Started in September 2006, WikiProject Korea covers the history and culture of the Korean people, including both countries that currently occupy the Korean peninsula. This task has proven difficult with North Koreans notably absent from the Wikipedia community due to tight control over access to external media. The project is home to over 16,000 pages, including 15 pieces of Featured material and 66 Good and A-class Articles.
WikiProject report WikiProject Dispute Resolution
Dispute Resolution: This week, we interviewed the lively bunch at WikiProject Dispute Resolution. Started in November 2011 to study and discuss improvements to Wikipedia's resources for resolving disputes between editors, the young project has supplemented dispute resolution efforts currently handled at the Dispute Resolution Noticeboard, Mediation Committee, and other venues. Over 40 editors have signed up to provide feedback, a variety of ideas have been proposed, and a manual for dispute resolution has been created.
WikiProject report Summer sports series: WikiProject Martial Arts
This week, we spent some time with WikiProject Martial Arts. Since April 2004, the project has been the hub for discussion and improvement of martial arts articles, including all disciplines and national origins. The project maintains a variety of conventions for handling the names and descriptions of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indian, Sikh, Filipino, Okinawan, and hybrid martial arts. WikiProject Martial Arts has spawned or absorbed several subprojects focusing on boxing, kickboxing, sumo, and mixed martial arts.
WikiProject report Summer sports series: WikiProject Horse Racing
We continue our Summer Sports Series this week with WikiProject Horse Racing. Started in November 2005, the project has grown to include nearly 8,000 articles maintained by 34 active members. There are 10 Featured Articles and 19 Good Articles included in the project's scope. In addition to preparing articles for GA and FA status, the project attempts to create requested articles and locate requested images. We interviewed Redrose64, Montanabw, Tigerboy1966, Ealdgyth, and Cuddy Wifter.
Recent research Conflict dynamics, collaboration and emotions; digitization vs. copyright; WikiProject field notes; quality of medical articles; role of readers; best wiki paper award
From the modeling of social dynamics in a collaborative environment to why the number of Wikipedia readers rises while the number of editors doesn't.
WikiProject report Summer sports series: WikiProject Olympics
With the 2012 Summer Olympic Games beginning this weekend in London, we decided to catch up with the chaps at WikiProject Olympics. The last time we interviewed WikiProject Olympics was in February 2010 when the project was gearing up for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. We wanted to know how the project has grown since then and whether preparing for a Summer Olympics was more grueling.
WikiProject report Summer sports series: French WikiProject Cycling
With the Tour de France in its final week, we traveled to the French Wikipedia for a chat with Projet Cyclisme (WikiProject Cycling). The French Wikipedia places a greater emphasis on portals than the English Wikipedia, which explains why WikiProject Cycling and its discussion page are actually extensions of the Cycling Portal. The project is home to two Article de Qualité (equivalent to Featured Articles) and eight Bon Article (Good Articles), primarily biographies of cyclists.
WikiProject report Summer sports series: WikiProject Football
This week, we spent some time with WikiProject Football, which focuses on the sport also known as association football or soccer. WikiProject Football is by far the largest sport project and one of the most active projects on Wikipedia in terms of the number of articles covered, edits to articles, and talk page watchers.
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News and notes WMF on the looming SOPA blackout, Wikipedia turns 11, and Commons passes 12 million files
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News and notes Arabic Wikipedia gets video intros, Smithsonian gifts images, and WikiProject Conservatism scrutinized
Arbitration report Case requests on ethnic strife and a WikiProject declined, Abortion case stalls but topic bans look to be lightened on amendment
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Discussion report Article ownership, WikiProjects vs. Manual of Style, Unverifiable village
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WikiProject report WikiProject Saints
WikiProject report WikiProject Essays
WikiProject report WikiProject Birds
WikiProject report WikiProject U.S. Roads
WikiProject report WikiProject Gastropods
WikiProject report WikiProject Environment
News and notes Berlin WikiConference, Brooklyn Museum & collaborations, review backlog removed, 1 billion edits
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WikiProject report WikiProject Baseball and news roundup
WikiProject report The WikiProject Bulletin: news roundup and WikiProject Chicago feature
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News and notes 35k donated, WikiProject for Wikipedia-Books, 2M rated articles, and more
WikiProject report Project banner meta-templates
WikiProject report WikiProject Tropical cyclones
WikiProject report New developments at the Military history WikiProject
WikiProject report WikiProject National Register of Historic Places
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WikiProject report WikiProject Anime and manga
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News and notes WMF Elections, Annual Financial Plan, Google Image Search, and more
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WikiProject report WikiProject Michael Jackson
Dispatches WikiProject Birds reaches an FA milestone
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WikiProject report WikiProject China
WikiProject report WikiProject Judaism
WikiProject report WikiProject Christianity
WikiProject report WikiProject Norse History and Culture
Dispatches WikiProject Ships Featured topic and Good topics
WikiProject report WikiProject Islam
Article Alerts An automated article monitoring system for WikiProjects
WikiProject report WikiProject Gaelic games
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: WikiProject Music
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Motto of the Day
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: WikiProject Pharmacology
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: WikiProject Ice Hockey
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: WikiProject Solar System
News and notes News and notes: Arbitrator resigns, milestones
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: WikiProject New York State routes
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Military history
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: The Simpsons
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Australia
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Video games
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Tropical cyclones
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Professional wrestling
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Football
WikiProject elections Military history WikiProject elections conclude, nine elected
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Family Guy
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Molecular and Cellular Biology
News and notes News and notes: Freely-licensed music, milestones
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Scouting
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: India
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Plants
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: Greater Manchester
WikiProject report WikiProject Report: LGBT studies
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News and notes News and notes: LGBT project mention, milestones
News and notes News and notes: Brief outage, milestones
In the news Wikipedia in the news
Wikiproject decency vfd VfD spurs controversy, record vote count
News and notes News and notes: Quarto, German award, meetup
Features and cricket Cricket Wikiproject turns out extensive featured material in June
Librarians project Invasion of librarians spawns new WikiProject
Wikiportals Subject Wikiportals introduced to the English Wikipedia


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