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By Rcsprinter123

Today, it's the turn of WikiProject Ohio to give us an interview probing deep into of how they manage to run a project covering one fiftieth of the United States, and the workings of how they manufacture their successes and other articles. They have gathered a staggering 66 pieces of Featured content, and 164 Good articles. 83 members might sound like a lot of Wikipedians to work on the topics of Ohio, but we selected just three to give us a flavor of what goes on behind their scenes. Our interviewees this week are Vjmlhds, Frank12 and Wikipelli.

Ohio centers of population

What motivated you to join WikiProject Ohio? Do you live or have you ever lived in the state?

Do you contribute to the projects of any other US states? How would you compare activity at WikiProject Ohio to activity at other state projects?

Have you contributed to any of the project's 39 featured articles, 17 featured lists, 2 A-class articles, and 164 good articles? Are you currently working on promoting an article to FA or GA status?

In addition to cities, counties, and geographic features, what are some interesting articles covered by the project?

WikiProject Ohio has a large number of child projects, including ones for Cincinnati, Cleveland, Youngstown, Ohio State Highways, the Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Browns, Columbus Blue Jackets, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Ohio Wesleyan University. Do you consider this a large project that needs to split off its major cities, or are those projects not doing so well as the statewide project?

What are WikiProject Ohio's most urgent needs? How can a new member help today?

Anything else you'd like to add?

Next week, we'll take you on a trip to the orphanage. In the meanwhile, check out some other lost gems in the archive.

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Being from Michigan, I believe that I'm predisposed to hate you Ohio editors. ;-) Ed [talk] [majestic titan] 06:38, 18 October 2014 (UTC)[reply]


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