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WikiProject Report: Family Guy

WikiProject Family Guy is a WikiProject that aims to improve any of Wikipedia's articles related to the Family Guy television series. Started by PhattyFatt (talk · contribs) on 9 July 2006, it has grown to 24 listed participants, with some active participants not on the list.

Interview with Qst (talk · contribs)

We interviewed Qst (talk · contribs), one of the project's most active members.

1. What is the best way for users unfamiliar with Family Guy-related topics, new to Wikipedia, or just interested to get involved in the project?
Well, there are several ways they can become involved in the project. We openly encourage all those who enjoy Family Guy or have an interest in joining the project to participate. There are no formal requirements to join and collaborate with existing members; rather, we openly encourage users to do this, especially new users, as it gives them a sense of acceptance and a place where they can contribute to Wikipedia and enjoy themselves at the same time with people of similar interests. The project talk page is always open to free-comment, and is monitored by myself and several other contributors to the project. For those who are unfamiliar with us, we hope they can using the existing pages (a directory of which can be found in Category:Family Guy and its sub-categories) to find the information they need. If they require personalised assistance or have a query which cannot be answered through other means, we operate a reference desk where editors can ask questions, although the gratitude goes to other, long-standing project members who have responded to comments on that board. Overall, we encourage people to participate in the project, we only ask they stay active on Family Guy related subjects if they add their name to the participant list. For those who edit Family Guy articles but have not added their username to the participant list we support, as they're still valued contributors, regardless of whether they are on the participant list.
2. What do you think about the progress the project has made during its time on Wikipedia?
I'm very pleased about the progress that the project has made since its creation over a year ago. It now looks very good for future of the project, and I can honestly say I'm proud to be a member. It has made great progress and has a great group of editors, who I'm pleased to work with.
3. Are there any ongoing discussions pertaining to project issues or articles in the project's scope?
No, currently, there are none. The project has few disputes, this I believe is because it has a small working group who all get along. But as far as I can remember, the project has had no discussions or disputes regarding that issue.
4. What are some of the project's most recent successes?
Well, the project, until a few months ago, had no good articles, but several B-class articles which had been maintained to a high standard by other editors, most of which could pass through good article nominations quite easily. The project now has a total of #14 GA-class articles and #07 B-class articles. Unfortunately, the articles are subject to regular additions of unreferenced trivia, so watching these articles very carefully is important to make sure they do not become full of fancruft and spam, although I must credit Edgarde and TheBlazikenMaster for their exemplary work they have performed by keeping these articles clean and maintaining them. I believe the future looks good for the project and that it will continue that way, as long as it has its team of editors.
5. Do you feel that the Family Guy Project could ever reach a featured article? Considering the task force behind it?
Yes, definitely. It may not happen quickly, but I do believe it is something what is likely to happen in the future. The task force for the project is small, but nonetheless, its enthusiastic and capable of taking on realistic challenges. Compared to other WikiProjects, e.g. The Simpsons we are small, but we don't let that get us down. So, yes, its definitely possible for the project to get a featured article eventually, its just a matter of when.

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