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In the news

Scots Wikipedia arouses discussion

Scots finds home on gey muckle website - The Scots-language Wikipedia has been described as an "embarrassing parody", and it contains articles on relatively unimportant individuals while more prominent individuals do not yet have an article. The Scots Wikipedia "gets people accustomed to reading a huge range of different things in Scots and not just literature", says the director of a Scots dictionary. However, Scots is said to suffer from inconsistent spelling, and it is disputed whether it is a language or a dialect.

Wikipedia blamed for French encyclopedia's downfall

France's favourite encyclopaedia falls victim to Wikipedia - Quid, a French encyclopedia, has had its 2008 edition cancelled because of a lack of interest. Sales are said to have fallen to 100,000 last year from a high of 400,000 in the mid-1990s. The demise of Quid has been taken to indicate that the Internet is affecting the viability of "reliable" sources of information, and the founder of Quid criticises Wikipedia for being written by unknown contributors. (See related article)

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