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Wikimania Wikimania 2024 scholarships
Scholarship applications for Wikimania 2024 are now open!
News and notes Update on Wikimedia's financial health
Plus: Sockpuppet investigators asking for help.
News and notes Wikimedia Endowment financial statement published
Finances during Tides Foundation management of the endowment are shown for the first time.
News and notes What's going on with the Wikimedia Endowment?
A lack of transparency.
News and notes Revised Code of Conduct Enforcement Guidelines up for vote, WMF counsel departs, generative models under discussion
UCoC draws nearer, alongside the rise of the machines, in mainspace this time.
Technology report Wikimedia Foundation's Abstract Wikipedia project "at substantial risk of failure"
Wikifunctions might drag it down.
Recent research Study deems COVID-19 editors smart and cool, questions of clarity and utility for WMF's proposed "Knowledge Integrity Risk Observatory"
And other research findings.
Interview Lisa Seitz-Gruwell on WMF fundraising in the wake of big banner ad RfC
An interview with Wikimedia's Chief Advancement Officer.
In the media "The most beautiful story on the Internet"
Ineffective altruism, return of the toaster, Jess Wade keeps wading through it, Russia censors searches, schools embrace Wikipedia.
News and notes Board vote results, bot's big GET, crat chat gives new mop, WMF seeks "sound logo" and "organizer lab"
Candidates sign off and peel out – Sigalov is on and Peel is in.
In focus NPP: Still heaven or hell for new users – and for the reviewers
Just what is NPP? Why does it need the WMF? Why does it need YOU?
From the archives 5, 10, and 15 years ago
The Signpost looks back on The Signpost: New reports, conceived in a spirit of collaboration, and dedicated to the proposition of information and, uh, more information for all.
News and notes Information considered harmful
Wikipedia and human rights, publishers and the Internet Archive, Russia and Wikipedia.
Special report "Wikipedia's independence" or "Wikimedia's pile of dosh"?
A review of Wikipedia's fundraising messages and financial status.
News from the WMF Wikimedia Enterprise signs first deals
Google and Internet Archive sold on new product, more customers hoped to follow.
News and notes WMF inks new rules on government-ordered takedowns, blasts Russian feds' censor demands, spends big bucks
Office actions to secretly delete stuff when told to? Well, at least not if they're Putin's.
News from the WMF The EU Digital Services Act: What’s the Deal with the Deal?
New regulations governing online censorship
Technology report 8-year-old attribution issues in Media Viewer
Plus, a new status page and Desktop Improvements.
News and notes Double trouble
The second case of Wikipedian persecution.
Technology report 2022 Wikimedia Hackathon
Plus, Desktop Improvements and a new uploading tool for Commons.
Technology report Community Wishlist Survey results
Plus, DiscussionTools and dark mode.
News from Diff The Wikimania 2022 Core Organizing Team
Meet the folks in charge!
In the media Wiki-drama in the UK House of Commons
Plus, Wiki Unseen, the "Sports Wars", and much more.
Opinion Should the Wikimedia Foundation continue to accept cryptocurrency donations?
One editor doesn't think so.
News and notes Feedback for Board of Trustees election
Plus, the incredible shrinking admin cadre.
Interview CEO Maryana Iskander "four weeks in"
"Impossible ideas can be created, not just imagined."
News and notes Jimbo's NFT, new arbs, fixing RfA, and financial statements
Wrapping up 2021 with a pair of auctions, activity surrounding administrators, and an audit.
News from Diff Content translation tool helps create one million Wikipedia articles
Sharing the wealth of information!
Opinion A photo on Wikipedia can ruin your life
Section 230 in practice – this Black life should matter to us.
News and notes The sockpuppet who ran for adminship and almost succeeded
And will the last person to leave the C-Suite please turn off the lights?
In the media China bans, and is there intelligent life on this planet?
Beam me up, Scotty – Matt Amodio for sure, and maybe just a few VIPs, billionaires, and Tucker Carlson.
News from Diff Welcome to the first grantees of the Knowledge Equity Fund
$4.5 million for equity.
Wikimedians of the year Seven Wikimedians of the year
With two musical celebrations!
Gallery Our community in 20 graphs
We just look at the pictures!
News from the WMF Uncapping our growth potential – interview with James Baldwin, Finance and Administration Department
Money, money, money.
Forum Is WMF fundraising abusive?
A calm discussion.
Opinion The (Universal) Code of Conduct
Explicit behavioral expectations are better than unwritten social norms
In the media Wikimedia LLC and disinformation in Japan
Plus CPAC misinformation
Opinion The call for feedback on community seats is a distraction
Free as in Liberty.
Technology report The people who built Wikipedia, technically
Starting with trust, expanding, controversy, and opportunities.
News from the WMF Wikipedia celebrates 20 years of free, trusted information for the world
Happy birthday!
News and notes 1,000,000,000 edits, board elections, virtual Wikimania 2021
Who else but Ser Amantio di Nicolao?
News from the WMF What Wikipedia saw during election week in the U.S., and what we’re doing next
No evidence of large-scale state-sponsored disinformation.
News and notes Year-end legal surprises cause concern, but Public Domain Day is imminent
New laws in the US and Europe might enable trolls; sad admin milestone for English Wikipedia, or not?
News and notes Jimmy Wales "shouldn't be kicked out before he's ready"
Arbitration Committee elections begin.
News from the WMF Meet the 2020 Wikimedian of the Year
Sandister Tei.
News and notes Ban on IPs on ptwiki, paid editing for Tatarstan, IP masking
Branding pause, birthday.
Book review Review of Wikipedia @ 20
We made it this far, but where do we go from here?
News from the WMF Fourteen things we’ve learned by moving Polish Wikimedia conference online
Celebrating of our community in a different format.
News and notes The high road and the low road
Will the Scots language Wikipedia survive?
News from the WMF New Chinese national security law in Hong Kong could limit the privacy of Wikipedia users
Privacy is critical to sustaining freedom of expression and association, enabling knowledge and ideas to thrive.
News from the WMF We stand for racial justice
On these issues, there is no neutral stance.
Interview What is wrong with rebranding to "Wikipedia Foundation"?
Four signers of the open letter explain.
Discussion report Community reacts to WMF rebranding proposals
Many Wikimedia community members are upset about the WMF's plan to rebrand. Plus, a discussion of Fox News's reliability.
Community view Community open letter on renaming
Reacting to the WMF's rebranding proposal.
In the media CBS on COVID-19, Sanger on bias, false noses, and five prolific editors
Worth Every Goddamn Second!
Discussion report WMF's Universal Code of Conduct
It's no April Fool's joke, but we discuss those, too.
News from the WMF Amid COVID-19, Wikimedia Foundation offers full pay for reduced hours, mobilizes all staff to work remote, and waives sick time
The WMF responds.
News from the WMF Capacity Building: Top 5 Themes from Community Conversations
Growing our community and our abilities.
In the media Turkey's back up, but what's happening with Dot-org and a new visual identity?
Plus politics and other oddities.
Op-Ed 2019 Wikimedia Affiliate Selected Board Seats Election Results
Wikimedia community organizations elect two members for the Wikimedia Foundation board of trustees
Discussion report A constitutional crisis hits English Wikipedia
Could this be a new relationship between the Foundation and ArbCom, and between the Foundation and enwiki?
News from the WMF Wikimedia Foundation petitions the European Court of Human Rights to lift the block of Wikipedia in Turkey
The WMF keeps working to stop Turkey from blocking Wikipedia
Interview Katherine Maher marks 3 years as executive director
Maher discusses her tenure as ED, the editing community, harassment and diversity, the WMF's 3-5 year plan, airplane travel, books, and her future.
News from the WMF The WMF's take on the EU Copyright Directive
The WMF's take on the new EU Copyright Directive: The Wikimedia Foundation reacts to the passing of the new EU Copyright Directive.
Discussion report Portal debates continue, Prespa agreement aftermath, WMF seeks a rebranding
From MFD to CSD, debates are continuing across Wikipedia about which portals should stay and which portals should go. Plus: Wikimedia rebranding and Macedonia naming conventions.
In focus Wikimedia affiliate organizations seek community participation in 2019 board election
This election will select 2 of 10 seats on the board. All Wikimedia users are stakeholders in the election outcome and should participate.
News from the WMF News from WMF
The world’s largest photo contest, a $1 million gift, Wikipedia’s birthday, WF appoints Valerie D'Costa.
News and notes WMF staff turntable continues to spin; Endowment gets more cash; RfA continues to be a pit of steely knives
Venezuelan woes, and Arbitrator GorillaWarfare explains WMF tumult in post on Wikipediocracy
Blog News from the WMF
In and around the WMF and its projects from the WMF's web site
News and notes Communication is key
Two new WMF Communications department leadership appointments; a new way for Wikimedia communities to communicate their capacities.
News and notes Money! WMF fundraising, Wikimedia strategy, WMF new office!
The Wikimedia Foundation publishes the latest fundraising report, convenes over the close of the strategic plan discussion, and moves into a new space.
News and notes Departments reorganized at Wikimedia Foundation, and a month without new RfAs (so far)
While the English Wikipedia community produces no new requests for adminhood in June, the Wikimedia Foundation makes changes to the Product and Technology departments.
Op-ed Wikipedia has cancer
In biology, the hallmarks of an aggressive cancer include limitless and exponential multiplication of ordinarily beneficial cells, even when the body signals that further multiplication is no longer needed. The Wikipedia page on the wheat and chessboard problem explains that nothing can keep growing exponentially forever. In biology, the unwanted growth usually terminates with the death of the host. Exponential spending increases can often lead to the same undesirable result in organizations. The Wikimedia Foundation's expenses have grown aggressively every year; Wikipedian Guy Macon offers his analysis.
Blog WikiIndaba 2017: A continent gathers to chart a path forward
A report from the second WikiIndaba conference, with summaries of several presentations.
News and notes Official WMF rebuke to Trump policy; WMF secures restricted funds
Foundation's latest foray into political waters, and grants funding structured data and anti-harassment measures, met with enthusiasm and concern
In focus WMF strategy consultant brings background in crisis reputation management; Team behind popular WMF software put "on pause"
Several developments in the $2.5 million strategic planning process explored, and a team within the software production department is sidelined
News and notes Board unanimously appoints Katherine Maher as new WMF executive director; Wikimedia lawsuits in France and Germany
News from Wikimania and the courts
News and notes Lila Tretikov a Young Global Leader; Wikipediocracy blog post sparks indefinite blocks
The outgoing ED to be honored at Davos.
Interview Exclusive: interview with interim ED Katherine Maher
The Signpost speaks with the incoming WMF interim executive director.
Wikipedia Weekly Podcast #119: The Foundation and the departure of Lila Tretikov
The popular podcast returns.
Op-ed Hard work needed to address Wikimedia’s leadership challenges
The road ahead for the WMF.
Discussion report Is an interim Executive Director inherently notable?
Wikipedia news sparks editing disagreements.
Op-ed A modest proposal for Wikimedia’s future
A look at the future of our parent foundation.
News and notes Katherine Maher named interim head of WMF; Wales email re-sparks Heilman controversy; draft WMF strategy posted
Controversy, change, and everything between.
News and notes Tretikov resigns, WMF in transition
A tumultuous time at the Wikimedia Foundation
Special report [UPDATED] WMF in limbo as decision on Tretikov nears
WMF in limbo as decision on Tretikov nears: The Board of Trustees may be deciding the direction of the Foundation.
Op-ed Backward the Foundation
Parting words from a WMF employee,
Special report Search and destroy: the Knowledge Engine and the undoing of Lila Tretikov
Examining the impact of the knowledge engine
Special report New internal documents raise questions about the origins of the Knowledge Engine
Numerous questions remain about the grant.
News and notes Another WMF departure
Bouterse out.
In focus An in-depth look at the newly revealed documents
Three internal communications from the Wikimedia Foundation that shed light on the history of the Knowledge Engine project.
Special report Board chair and new trustee speak with the Signpost
New member María Sefidari joins the Board of Trustees.
Op-ed So, what’s a knowledge engine anyway?
Examining the issues at the heart of recent Board disputes.
News and notes Harassment survey 2015; Luis Villa to leave WMF; knowledge engine background
A survey released, another major departure from the Foundation.
In focus The Knight Foundation grant: a timeline and an email to the board
James Heilman speaks out about the events leading up to his dismissal from the Board.
News and notes Geshuri steps down from the Board
Newly appointed trustee leaves following a community outcry.
In the media Media coverage of the Arnnon Geshuri no-confidence vote
Board turmoil gets the attention of journalists.
News and notes Vote of no confidence; WMF trustees speak out
Vote of no confidence; WMF trustee speaks out: The continuing controversy over a new Board appointment.
Op-ed Transparency
James Heilman talks about why he was removed from the WMF board.
News and notes Community objections to new Board trustee
A look at community objections to a new Board trustee
In focus The crisis at New Montgomery Street
The Crisis at New Montgomery Street: William Beutler discusses problems inside the WMF.
Community view Battle for the soul of the WMF
Liam Wyatt shares his thoughts in "community view"
News and notes The WMF's age of discontent
Trouble with the Board of Trustees
News and notes WMF Board dismisses community-elected trustee
In a monumental move, the Board ousted one of its own
Blog Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia Deutschland urge Reiss Engelhorn Museum to reconsider suit over public domain works of art
The suit concerns copyright claims related to 17 images of the museum’s public domain works of art.
Op-ed You are invited to participate in the Community Wishlist Survey
The WMF wants your ideas for technical improvements.
News and notes Wikimedia lawsuit against NSA dismissed; Affiliates mailing list launched
District court judge decrees that the WMF lacks standing.
News and notes 2015–2016 Q1 fundraising update sparks mailing list debate
Everyone's talking about money.
Blog Wikimedia Foundation releases third transparency report
The Wikimedia Foundation is pleased to announce the release of our latest transparency report.
News and notes Wikimedia Foundation annual plan released, news in brief
Lila Tretikov this week posted an email to the wikimedia-l mailing list announcing the final publication of the Wikimedia Foundation's 2015 annual plan.
News and notes Training the Trainers; VP of Engineering leaves WMF
Training the Trainers; VP of Engineering leaves WMF: This week The Center for Internet and Society published a promotional blog post highlighting the heritage of the center's creation of the Train the Trainer program.
Foundation elections WMF Board candidates share their views with the Signpost
Board candidates share their views with the Signpost: Three community-elected seats on the Board of Trustees—the ultimate governing authority of the Wikimedia Foundation—will be decided by Wikimedians in the election to be held 17–31 May.
News and notes Call for candidates as the movement approaches the Wikimedia Board elections
The Affiliates Committee this week announced the organization of a community referral for comment, currently open on the meta-wiki, to address upcoming changes to the way that the Affiliations Committee will review movement-affiliated user-groups in the future.
In focus 2015 Wikimedia Foundation election preparations underway
2015 will see through the biennial community election for the three community-elected seats on the Board of Trustees—the "ultimate corporate authority" of the Wikimedia Foundation and the level at which the strategic decisions regarding the Wikimedia movement are made.
News and notes Erik Möller leaving Foundation; annual plan grants under community review
The Wikimedia Foundation's vice president for engineering, Erik Möller, will leave the WMF on April 30.
News and notes Advancement department to be created at the Foundation, milestone fixes
March saw a number of high-level hirings and executive reorganizations in the Wikimedia Foundation.
News and notes Wikimedia Foundation adopts open-access research policy
Last week the WMF announced the release of its long-awaited open-access policy.
News and notes SUL finalization imminent; executive office shake-ups at the Foundation
This process is now entering its long-awaited final phase with the upcoming SUL finalization, scheduled for April 15, less than a month away. ... Wikimedia Foundation chief talent and culture officer Gayle Karen Young announced her retirement from the Foundation this week. Young will be replaced in that role by interim chief operating officer Terry Gilbey. According to the Foundation's job description for the title as it was applied in the past, Gilbey will be in charge of "overall administration and business operations of the Wikimedia Foundation."
In focus WMF to NSA: "stop spying on Wikipedia users"
In an effort to protect and maintain the privacy of Wikipedia's thousands of editors, the Wikimedia Foundation has filed a lawsuit against the United States' National Security Agency, Department of Justice, and the Attorney General.
News and notes Wikimedia Foundation and OTRS team both publish reports, indicate operating changes
The Wikimedia Foundation released their Quarterly Report last week covering the three months October to December of 2014.
Op-ed My issues with the Wiki Education Foundation
Chris Troutman has been a campus ambassador for six classes in the Los Angeles area over the past four consecutive semesters. He is currently a Wikipedia Visiting Scholar at University of California, Riverside.
In the media Wiki Education; medical content; PR firms
The Los Angeles Times highlighted a recent Wiki Education Foundation (WEF) course at Pomona College in their article "Wikipedia pops up in bibliographies, and even college curricula". We interviewed Char Booth, the campus ambassador for the course, for additional details.
Exclusive "We need to be true to who we are"—Foundation's new executive director speaks to the Signpost
In her first interview since taking office, Lila Tretikov, the Wikimedia Foundation's new executive director, speaks about grantmaking, the global south, and the gender gap.
In focus Foundation announces long-awaited new executive director
In a live video stream on 1 May, the Wikimedia Foundation announced that Lila Tretikov will be replacing Sue Gardner, its executive director. Gardner, who has been in the position since 2007, declared her intention to leave more than a year ago.
Breaking Wikimedia Foundation selects new executive director
The Foundation's new executive director: The Wikimedia Foundation has announced that its new executive director will be Lila Tretikov, until now a chief product officer in Silicon Valley.
News and notes Foundation-supported Wikipedian in residence faces scrutiny
One of the first university Wikipedian in residence positions, hosted at Harvard University in 2012, has jumped back into the spotlight amid questions about its ethical integrity.
News and notes Foundation takes aim at undisclosed paid editing; Greek Wikipedia editor faces down legal challenge
The Wikimedia Foundation has proposed to modify the Wikimedia projects' Terms of use to specifically ban undisclosed paid editing. ... Dimitris Liourdis, a lawyer in training who moonlights as an administrator on the Greek Wikipedia, is embroiled in a legal dispute with a Greek politician over alleged edits made to his Wikipedia article.
News and notes Wikimedia Foundation Board appoints world expert in women's issues, global south
In apparent acknowledgment of the urgency of two issues facing the Wikimedia movement—the need to engage both women and the global south—the WMF Board has appointed Ana Toni as one of its four expert members. Toni will bring rare expertise to the movement, and the Signpost understands that her skills in advocacy and her key roles in international NGOs are likely to be a natural match with the WMF as the hub of disseminating free knowledge around the world.
News and notes How Wikimedia affiliates are spending $8.4 million; PRISM scandal
Late last year, the Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC) awarded $8.4 million in donors' money to 11 Wikimedia entities, including the Wikimedia Foundation and 10 nationally defined chapters. Under this arrangement, these organisations are required to issue quarterly reports on how far they have progressed towards their declared programmatic and financial goals. The FDC has now announced that all 11 completed and submitted their reports by the 1 April deadline, and have responded to each.
Foundation elections Trustee candidates speak about Board structure, China, gender, global south, endowment
Nominations closed last Friday for the three community-elected seats on the Wikimedia Foundation's (WMF) ten-member Board of Trustees—the ultimate corporate authority of the worldwide WMF. The Board has influential roles and responsibilities over one of the most powerful global information sources on the Internet.
Wikizine Introducing Wikizine; WMF scales back feature after outcry
WMF scales back feature after outcry: Numerous Wikimedia Commons editors have chimed in on the Wikimedia Foundation's deployment of a new feature to its mobile website. Allowing anonymous users to register and upload pictures for use in an article, the feature was placed prominently at the top of Wikipedia articles in multiple languages.
News and notes Sue Gardner to leave WMF; German-language Wikipedians spearhead another effort to close Wikinews
Sue Gardner to leave WMF; German Wikipedians spearhead another effort to close Wikinews: Ranked as one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes, Gardner is widely associated with the rise of the Wikimedia movement as a major custodian of human knowledge and cultural products.
News and notes Wikimedia Foundation declares "victory" in Wikivoyage lawsuit
Wikimedia Foundation declares 'victory' in Wikivoyage lawsuit: On February 15, the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) declared 'victory' in its counter-lawsuit against Internet Brands (IB), the owner of Wikitravel and the operator of several online media, community, and e-commerce sites in vertical markets. The lawsuit clears the last remaining hurdles for the WMF's new travel guide project, Wikivoyage.
News and notes 2012—the big year
The movement, now in its second decade, is growing apace in its international reach, cultural and linguistic diversity, technical development, and financial complexity.
News and notes Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser a success; Czech parliament releases photographs to chapter
On 27 December the Wikimedia Foundation announced the conclusion of their ninth annual fundraiser, which attracted more than 1.2 million donors. The appeal reached its goal of US$25 million, even though fundraising banners ran for only nine days.
News and notes Foundation finance reformers wrestle with CoI
News and notes Editors want most funding for technical areas, while widespread ignorance of WMF board elections and chapters persists; voting still live on Commons best picture
News and notes Wikimedia Foundation endorses open-access petition to the White House; pending changes RfC ends
Interview Funds, fiduciaries, and the Foundation: the complex dynamics of scaling
News and notes Controversial content saga continues, while the Foundation tries to engage editors with merchandising and restructuring
News and notes Foundation launches Legal and Community Advocacy department
News and notes The Foundation visits Tunisia, analyzes donors
In the news Zambian wiki-assassins, Foundation über alles, editor engagement and the innovation plateau
News and notes Anti-piracy act has Wikimedians on the defensive, WMF annual report released, and Indic language dynamics
Interview Contracting for the Foundation
News and notes WMF strikes down enwiki consensus on autoconfirmation trial
News and notes Foundation reports on research, Kenya trip, Mumbai Wikiconference; Canada, Hungary and Estonia; English Wikinews forked
News and notes Abuse filter on all Wikimedia sites; Foundation's report for July; editor survey results
News and notes Wikipedians' surfing habits explored, Sloan Foundation renews $3M grant
News and notes WMF Board election results; Indian campus ambassadors gear up; Wikimedia UK plans; Malayalam Wikisource CD; brief news
News and notes Editor retention; Malayalam loves Wikimedia; Wikimedia reports; brief news
News and notes Berlin conference highlights relation between chapters and Foundation; annual report; brief news
News and notes Foundation reports editor trends, technology plans and communication changes; brief news
News and notes Foundation looking for "storyteller" and research fellows; new GLAM newsletter; brief news
News and notes Gender gap and sexual images; India consultant; brief news
News and notes Foundation report; gender statistics; DMCA takedowns; brief news
News and notes Wikimedia fellow working on cultural collaborations; video animation about Wikipedia; brief news
News and notes Anniversary celebrations; Foundation reports; local language problems; brief news
News and notes Anniversary preparations, new Community fellow, brief news
News and notes Foundation's finances, geodata milestone, interim counsel, museum conference
In the news Airplane construction with Wikipedia, lessons from the strategy project, logic over rhetoric
News and notes Mike Godwin leaves the Foundation, ArbCom election announced
News and notes Board resolutions, fundraiser challenge, traffic report, ten thousand good articles, and more
News and notes German chapter remodeled to meet Foundation requirements, and more
In the news Foundation plans, David Barton, dangerous occasional glitches
Objectionable material Board resolution on offensive content
News and notes 2010–15 plan, Smithsonian outreach, Teaching Wikipedia, brief news
News and notes "Pending changes" trial, Chief hires, British Museum prizes, Interwiki debate, and more
Commons deletions Porn madness
News and notes Wikimedia announcements, Wikipedia advertising, and more!
News and notes Berlin WikiConference, Brooklyn Museum & collaborations, review backlog removed, 1 billion edits
Sanger allegations Larry Sanger accuses Wikimedia of hosting illegal images
News and notes $2 Million donation, cybersquatting, comScore statistics and more
2009 in review 2009 in Review
News and notes Kiswahili contest, new advisory board members, Foundation-l and more
In the news German lawsuit, Jimbo interview and more
News and notes $2 million grant, new board members
News and notes Three million articles, Chen, Walsh and Klein win board election, and more
Board candidates Interviews with candidates for the Wikimedia Board of Trustees
News and notes WMF Elections, Annual Financial Plan, Google Image Search, and more
News and notes Commons grant, license change, new chapters, usability and more
In the news Tamil Wikipedia, Internet Watch Foundation, and more
News and notes New board member, flagged revisions, Eurovision interviews
In the news Wikipedia Art dispute, and brief headlines
News and notes WMF petitions Obama, longer AFDs, UK meeting, and more
News and notes News and notes: Foundation hires, milestones
Copyright claim Foundation receives copyright claim from church
Audit released Foundation's FY2007 audit released
2007 in review Special: 2007 in Review, Part III
News and notes News and notes: Grant money, fundraiser, milestones
New hires Wikimedia Foundation hires consultant, general counsel
News and notes News and notes: Election volunteers, admin contest, milestones
News and notes News and notes: Donation, Version 0.5, milestones
Board changes Foundation organizational changes enacted
Advisory board named Foundation names advisory board, new hires
News and notes News and notes: Talk page template, milestones
News and notes News and notes: Fundraiser continues, milestones
News and notes News and notes: Fundraiser continues, milestones
2006 in review Special: 2006 in Review
News and notes News and notes: Fundraiser continues, milestones
Fundraiser opens Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser opens
Financial audit Wikimedia Foundation releases financial audit
News and notes News and notes: Foundation donation, milestones
News and notes News and notes
CFO resigns Wikimedia Foundation CFO resigns
Angela's resignation Angela Beesley resigns as Wikimedia Foundation trustee
Brad Patrick Foundation hires Brad Patrick as general counsel and interim executive director
News and notes News and notes: Wikimedia board resolutions, milestones
News and notes News and notes: Wikimedia chapters report, milestones
In the news Wikipedia in the news
Office actions Interventions by Foundation have bumpy road
Wikimedia committees Wikimedia Foundation committees organizing, starting work
Tron dispute Wikimedia Foundation reportedly facing privacy lawsuit
Foundation official positions Wikimedia names seven to official positions
Other news sources Wikipedia news sources flourish
Tax exempt status Wikimedia Foundation granted tax exemption in US
Yahoo support Yahoo! announces support for the Wikimedia Foundation
Dot-org boom Wikimedia Foundation part of "dot-org boom" festival
Fundraiser Foundation fundraising drive postponed


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