News and notes

News and notes

New template created to eliminate talk page clutter

Template:ArticleHistory was created this week, and is being "slowly rolled out" onto talk pages that have undergone various article review processes. Raul654, one of the contributors behind the template, said that the template "gives the review history of an article in chronological order, [merging] the functionality of many templates, including: {{FAC}}, {{FAR}}, {{featured}}, {{FACfailed}}, {{Mainpage date to come}}, {{Mainpage date}}, {{Peerreview}}, 'etc. This makes it much easier to keep track of them."

One example that Raul654 cited is that of New York City, which is currently undergoing its sixth featured article candidacy. Before and after links show that most of the templates were easily condensed into the Article History template.

Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser closes

The Wikimedia Foundation fundraiser ended this week. At the end of the drive, over US$1,000,000 had been raised, not including a matching funds donation yet to be received. On 15 January, four large donations were contributed anonymously, presumably by the same Polish user:

The four donations were the only major donations made this week, and totaled over US$37,000. After the fundraiser ended, donations leveled off, from $6,336.04 on 16 January to $2,321.78 on 21 January.


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