News and notes

News and notes

Wikimedia Foundation makes donation to freenode

Wikimedia Foundation Chair Florence Devouard announced this week that the Foundation would be making a US$5,000 donation to the Peer-Directed Projects Center, the non-profit organization that runs the freenode IRC network. In the announcement, Devouard noted the Foundation's appreciation for the network, which hosts nearly all Wikimedia project IRC channels. Devouard again noted the Foundation's condolences for the death of Peer-Directed Projects Center and freenode founder Rob Levin (lilo), who was killed in a car-bicycle accident in September.

Wikimedia Deutschland receives tax-exempt status

Wikimedia Deutschland announced this week that they had officially received tax-exempt status, allowing the organization to issue donation receipts for the next 5 years. Also announced was the purchase of 15 new squid servers, at a price of 50,000. The servers will be deployed at the Amsterdam datacenter, more than doubling the European server capacity.

Votes conclude on proposed logos

Voting to choose replacement logos on Wikibooks, Wiktionary, and Wikiversity has concluded. The following logos have been selected. Only the Wikiversity logo has been put into usage as of press time (and the Spanish language version retains the old logo), though discussion on the color of the logo was still continuing. The Wikibooks logo still awaits a change in color, as it was deemed too similar to the Wikimedia Foundation's logo, and discussion continues on the exact letters/glyphs to be used in the Wiktionary logo.

Commemorative mosaic continues

Mosaic, as of November 6, 2006.

A project to develop a logo mosaic was started to commemorate the upcoming one millionth file upload on Wikimedia Commons. The mosaic, which will comprise 1200 individual images, will combine to form the logo of the Wikimedia Foundation. People from all projects are invited to help develop the mosaic by placing more images to replace duplicates.


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