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Internal Wikimedia news sources flourish

Primary news sources about Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects have proliferated in recent months, with many seeing the need for more reporting from within the community about its own developments. Starting with the creation of Goings-on pages on many projects early last year, and the development of many serious blogs by Wikipedians about the projects, the idea of internal news has caught on rapidly.

News on other projects

The Wikikurier, a "free international newsletter" of the German community and a source of brief German-language editorials about Wikimedia events, was one of the first internal news outlets. Started by elian in December 2003, its slogan is "not neutral, not encyclopedic, but hopefully maintainable and informative." The Kurier has become more active in the past two months, with thirty new entries over the past two months, three times as many as the preceding months.

Taking a page from the Signpost's book, a regular German newspaper, the Allgemeines Intelligenzblatt, has been initiated by German Wikipedian Mathias Schindler. It aims to be "a source for serious news about Wikipedia," according to Schindler, and hopes to coordinate content with similar outlets on other projects; however, it has yet to see its first full issue.

A condensed list of interesting news links from across the projects, classified by topic, is being maintained at the Metalogue. This is intended as a quick supplement to pages such as the m:Goings-on page used on some larger projects.

Foundation news

The third edition of the Wikimedia Quarto, the quarterly newsletter of the Wikimedia Foundation including official financial, technical, and administrative reports, is going through its final stages of copyediting and beginning translation.

The Quarto normally appears in 6 to 10 languages. There are plans to release this edition in text-only, PDF and print-ready formats; and to offer email subscriptions.

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