Wiki tools

Wiki tools make editing easier

A series of new editing tools have made the editing experience easier.


Bluemoose created the AutoWikiBrowser, a tool used for large-scale changes. The tool can use find-and-replace to change text across multiple articles. For anti-vandalism purposes, the tool is limited to administrators, and other editors approved by Bluemoose or another administrator. The tool runs only on computers with Microsoft Windows and .NET framework version 2.0.

Searching with auto-suggest

Kolossos created a search engine for Wikimedia projects with an auto-suggest function. The engine allows a user to type in the first few letters of an article, and receive all articles starting with the prefix given.

Category Tree

Now, categories can be viewed in a nested, "tree" format. The Category Tree searches for sub-categories, and displays them when a link is clicked.

Cat Scan

Categories also can be quickly scanned for templates and sub-categories with Cat Scan. For example, a user can select Category:Cities in New York and highlight articles using certain templates within that category. [1]

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==AutoWikiBrowser ==

This comment, which was indeed true at the time, was added to the article:

Unfortunately, Bluemoose appears to have temporarily left the project, so the above link will not work -- Gurch 16:08, 4 January 2006 (UTC)[reply]

The torch has been taken up by Mathwiz2020 and development is apparently resuming shortly. The WP:AWB link has been rerouted appropriately.

HTH HAND —Phil | Talk 16:34, 4 January 2006 (UTC)[reply]


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