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Deleted edit summaries again hidden to non-admins

brion hid deleted edit summaries from non-admins this week. In a mailing list post, brion cited complaints about "private, embarrassing, vandalistic, [and] libelous" material placed in edit summaries that was still visible through Special:Undelete. brion hinted that changes will likely be made to the way these revisions are handled, allowing better revision deleting or revision editing.

Extensions installed

This week marked the installation of three extensions on all Wikimedia wikis: Special:Unwatchedpages, Cite.php, and Special:Filepath. All three were created by developer Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason.


Special:Unwatchedpages was installed on 22 December. The page, only accessible by administrators, shows all pages not watched by any users. The extension was installed in response to a request by Jimbo Wales, and in the wake of the recent Seigenthaler controversy.


Cite.php was installed on 25 December. Not to be confused with the similar SpecialCite.php, Cite.php allows parser hooks to be used to aid with creating in-line citations.


Special:Filepath was installed on 25 December. The extension allows the creation of links forwarding users to the current version of an image. For example, Special:Filepath/Wiki.png redirects to the current location of the Wikipedia logo.

Last week in servers

Server-related events, problems, and changes included:

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