Arbitration report

The Report On Lengthy Litigation

The Arbitration Committee closed six cases this week.

Ted Kennedy

A case brought against editors on Ted Kennedy was closed on Tuesday. As a result, and possible sockpuppets Labgal and FishingGuy99 have been blocked for three months for edit warring. Additionally, the users and any users with similar editing patterns have been blocked from Kennedy family-related articles and talk pages for one year. The user(s) had edit warred and made personal attacks in these articles over the insertion of "dubious content" into Ted Kennedy.

Nobs01 and others

A case brought against editors on Political Research Associates was closed on Friday. As a result, the following remedies were enacted:

General remedies

Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Lyndon LaRouche 2 was modified to expand the editing ban to articles Chip Berlet, Political Research Associates, and Dennis King, as well as their talk pages.

Remedies against Nobs01

Nobs01 was banned for one year for disruption of Talk:Chip Berlet and personal attacks. He also was indefinitely placed on probation, allowing three administrators to place restrictions on his editing, including a general ban. Finally, certain material posted against Chip Berlet can be removed on sight as personal attacks.

Remedies against Cognition

Cognition was banned for one month for a personal attack on User talk:Cberlet. Additionally, Cognition has been placed on indefinite personal attack parole. Finally, Cognition has been banned from Lyndon LaRouche-related articles per the prior arbitration case.

Remedies against Herschelkrustofsky

Herschelkrustofsky was placed on probation for one year, allowing three administrators to place restrictions on his editing, including a general ban.

Remedies against Rangerdude

Rangerdude was placed on probation for one year, allowing administrators to ban Rangerdude from any article where the user's editing is considered disruptive. Rangerdude was also admonished to "extend respect and forgiveness" to users, particularly Cberlet.

Remedies against Sam Spade

Sam Spade was cautioned to avoid personal attacks, and to properly cite sources.

Remedies against Cberlet

Cberlet was cautioned to avoid over-involvement on Chip Berlet, an article about himself.


A case brought against Ultramarine was closed on Friday. As a result, the editors involved have been instructed to reach a consensus on Democratic peace theory. If they continue to revert war, administrators can enforce the case with blocks. Two separate groups have kept different versions of the article, reverting each other's edits regularly.

FuelWagon/Ed Poor

A case against FuelWagon and Ed Poor was closed on Friday. As a result, Ed Poor has been desysopped, and FuelWagon has been banned for six months, limited to one revert per article per week, and placed on indefinite general probation, allowing any three administrators to place limitations on FuelWagon's editing. FuelWagon had been accused of instigating edit wars, and wikistalking SlimVirgin. Ed Poor, meanwhile, was accused of acting inappropriately in the dispute, including blocking FuelWagon, and moving part of FuelWagon's talk page to a protected subpage. He had earlier lost his bureaucrat status in a previous arbitration case.

Climate change

A climate change-related dispute was closed on Friday. As a result, SEWilco was placed indefinitely on probation, cautioned not to strictly apply Arbitration Committee rulings, and prohibited from converting citation styles, either by bot or manually. Additionally, a one-revert parole placed on William M. Connolley in a prior case has been revoked, having been deemed "unnecessary".

Ted Wilkes, Wyss and Onefortyone

A case against Ted Wilkes and Wyss was closed on Saturday. As a result, both Ted Wilkes and Wyss were placed on probation indefinitely, and were banned from making edits related to a person's alleged sexual orientation. The dispute with Onefortyone had previously led to Onefortyone being placed on probation in a prior case.

Other cases

Cases were accepted this week against Robert I (user page), Deeceevoice (user page), Firebug (user page) and freestylefrappe (user page). All are in the evidence phase.

Other cases against Sortan (user page), Benjamin Gatti (user page), Gibraltarian (user page), Carl Hewitt (user page), Reddi (user page), EffK (user page), and numerous editors on Neuro-linguistic programming are in the evidence phase.

Cases against voters on webcomics AFDs, Johnski (user page), a series of editors on Winter Soldier, Copperchair (user page), Xed (user page), and AndriyK (user page) are in the voting phase.

There are no active motions to close.

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