News and notes

News and notes

Wikimania 2006 dates

The possible dates for Wikimania 2006 have been narrowed down to two options, one in July and one in August. The conference, to be held next year at Harvard University, is tentatively set for either July 13-16 or August 3-6. The choice depends partly on which facilities are available at the given time; the August dates have greater competition for meeting rooms, while the July dates would be tighter in terms of dorm room accommodations for conference attendees. With a view to maximizing attendance, August is believed to be preferable in terms of people's commitments and travel flexibility. The Wikimania planning committee welcomes feedback to assist in making the final selection.

Article validation to go live soon

Article validation is set to be enabled on Wikipedia "very soon", probably during this week, according to David Gerard. The feature has been available for a while, but had not been utilized.

Picture Peer Review started

After discussion in favor of the proposal, a peer review process for pictures has been created. The page, which is not required to have pictures featured, aims to help improve pictures, similarly to the peer review process for featured articles.


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Article validation: Brion is cleaning up the feature right now - David Gerard 14:21, 24 November 2005 (UTC)[reply]


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