Arbitration report

The Report On Lengthy Litigation

The Arbitration Committee closed a case against Stevertigo this week.


The case against Stevertigo was closed for a second time on 18 November. As a result, Stevertigo was de-adminned. A previous ruling required Stevertigo to resubmit himself for adminship; however, after complaints by the community, and the ensuing RFA, in which many users submitted that the decision was the Arbitration Committee's job, the case was reopened by Theresa Knott.

The case centered around Stevertigo's actions at Vietnam War; he was accused of using admin tools to evade a three-revert rule block.

Other cases

Cases were accepted this week against numerous editors on Political Research Associates, a series of editors on Winter Soldier, and Johnski (user page). All three are in the evidence phase.

An additional case against Rex071404 (user page) was accepted this week. It is in the voting phase.

Other cases against Xed (user page), Pigsonthewing (user page), Copperchair (user page), numerous editors on Ted Kennedy, and Rangerdude (user page), are in the evidence phase.

Cases against Ultramarine (user page), Silverback (user page), and Lightbringer (user page) are in the voting phase.

Motions to close are on the table in cases against Maoririder (user page) and Instantnood (user page).

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