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News and notes
Admins wanted on English Wikipedia, IP editors not wanted on Farsi Wiki, donations wanted everywhere (not a typo?) wants a moment of your time.
Special report
Wikimania 2022: no show, no show up?
Why the 'Festival Edition' was less than perfect, and what we can do better.
In the media
Truth or consequences? A tough month for truth
But Annie Rauwerda is the real thing!
Discussion report
Boarding the Trustees
2022 elections, new page patrol, Fox News, Vector 2022, Royal Central and external links
News from Wiki Education
18 years a Wikipedian: what it means to me
Change and stability.
In focus
Thinking inside the box
All there is to know about userboxen.
Tips and tricks
The unexpected rabbit hole of typo fixing in citations...
Sometimes Citation bot is not enough.
Technology report
Vector (2022) deployment discussions happening now
Plus, the Private Incident Reporting System, and new bots & user scripts!
Two photos of every library on earth
One exterior, one interior.
Featured content
Our man drills are safe for work, but our Labia is Fausta.
Also includes a campaign to "Suck for Luck".
Recent research
The dollar value of "official" external links
And other new research
Traffic report
What dreams (and heavily trafficked articles) may come
Because there really is no real theme this month you can grab onto to give a catchy title.
Delete the junk!
Some articles aren't worth saving
A Fringe Affair (but not the show by Edward W. Feery that was on this year)
Edinburgh in August.
CommonsComix No. 1
Because the Signpost needs a cartoon.
From the archives
5, 10, and 15 years ago
The Signpost looks back on The Signpost: New reports, conceived in a spirit of collaboration, and dedicated to the proposition of information and, uh, more information for all.
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