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News and notes
Board vote results, bot's big GET, crat chat gives new mop, WMF seeks "sound logo" and "organizer lab"
Candidates sign off and peel out – Sigalov is on and Peel is in.
In focus
NPP: Still heaven or hell for new users – and for the reviewers
Just what is NPP? Why does it need the WMF? Why does it need YOU?
In the media
A few complaints and mild disagreements
Was Katherine Maher a former encyclopedia salesperson?
Special report
Decentralized Fundraising, Centralized Distribution
The latest from the Wikimedia Deutschland Movement Strategy & Global Relations Team.
Discussion report
Much ado about Fox News
Source reliability, NPP, and appearance discussions.
ScottishFinnishRadish's Request for Adminship
Find out firsthand what our newest admin, ScottishFinnishRadish, does with a chainsaw.
Are we ever going to reach consensus?
Some Articles for Deletion just drag on.
Removing watermarks, copyright signs and cigarettes from photos
Suggestion: promote removal of visible copyright signs of images under a CC-BY license.
Recent research
How readers assess Wikipedia's trustworthiness, and how they could in the future
And other research news.
Traffic report
Kings and queens and VIPs
Repeat after me: I solemnly swear not to put "oh my!" in a headline.
Featured content
Farm-fresh content
This month: A FACBot upgrade, a completed list of lists.
A Festival Descends on the City: The Edinburgh Fringe, Pt. 2
CommonsComix 2: Paulus Moreelse
When Commons gives you a blank space...
From the archives
5, 10, and 15 Years ago: September 2022
Yes, again.
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