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News and notes
Global Elections
WMF Board election results, and FDC elections begin
Arbitration report
Cases closed in the Pacific and with Magioladitis
Two cases were closed from 19 February to 27 March.
Wikipedia's lead sentence problem
Lead sentence metadata is out of control and a serious impediment to readability
Featured content
Three months in the land of the featured
Eighty-eight articles, forty-three lists, five topics and twenty-two pictures were promoted
In the media
Did Wikipedia just assume Garfield's gender?
Garfield is male, and other places Wikipedia made the news
Recent research
Wikipedia bot wars capture the imagination of the popular press
...but are they real?; personality and attitudes to Wikipedia; large expert review experiment
Technology report
Tech news catch-up
Bots, scripts, tools, and changes from February to June 2017
Traffic report
Film on Top: Sampling the weekly top 10
Two weeks of film dominance: Baahubali and the Academy Awards
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