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From the editorsResults from our poll on subscription and delivery, and a new RSS feed
The Signpost's poll suggests we should take a cautious approach to the Newsletter Extension, under development; and our RSS feed is functional once again
Recent research
Special issue: Wikipedia in education
This month's edition focuses on research about the role of Wikipedia in education
Technology report
Responsive content on desktop; Offline content in Android app
Demonstrations of developers' experiments and works in progress
In the media
The Daily Mail does not run Wikipedia
Is the Daily Mail fake news and your media roundup
A Met montage
A selection of CC0 images from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Special report
Peer review – a history and call for reviewers
An overview of English Wikipedia's peer review process
Wikipedia has cancer
Increased WMF spending every year is not sustainable
Featured content
The dominance of articles continues
Fifteen articles, two lists, and six pictures were promoted
Traffic report
Love, football, and politics
They may not mix in life, but they do in popularity
WikiIndaba 2017: A continent gathers to chart a path forward
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