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Women and Wikipedia: the world is watching
Time to clean up our mess.
News and notes
Wikimedia lawsuit against NSA dismissed; Affiliates mailing list launched
District court judge decrees that the WMF lacks standing.
In the media
"Wikipedia's hostility to women"
"The lunatics are running the asylum."
Special report
One year of GamerGate, or how I learned to stop worrying and love bare rule-level consensus
Examining the conflict and its participants.
Featured content
A more balanced week
Featured content
Wikipedia is significantly amplifying the impact of Open Access publications
When given a choice between journals of similar impact factors, editors are significantly more likely to select the “open access” option.
Arbitration report
Four ArbCom cases ongoing
Open cases before the Arbitration Committee.
Traffic report
Hiding under the covers of the Internet
We live in a harsh, uncertain world.
Technology report
Tech news in brief
Community technical news.
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