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Commons at 6 million, BLP taskforce, milestones and more

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By Phoebe and Belugaboy535136

Commons reaches 6 million, takes up new servers

Sailing on Ullswater—the 6 millionth file on Wikimedia Commons. Credit: James Hearton.

Commons hit six million files last week, with the mass upload of images from the Geograph website. Geograph is a site containing about 1.5 million CC-by-SA-2.0 licensed images of the British Isles. The Isles are divided into squares of 1 × 1 kilometre (0.62 × 0.62 mi), and the goal of the project is to get at least one photograph of every square. More than 250,000 of these images have been uploaded.

According to Mike Peel of Wikimedia-UK, one of these images—a picture of sailing on Ullswater in the Lake District—became the six-millionth file on Wikimedia Commons.

Photo of arches near Gloucester Cathedral from Geograph. Credit: Helena Downton

This milestone comes less than five months after Commons hit five million files. In response to this rapid growth, the storage space on Commons was recently tripled, according to a recent blog post by Erik Möller, deputy director of the WMF.

In the post, which discusses the "virtuous circle" in which cultural institutions upload freely licensed content to the Commons, Möller highlighted other recent large uploads of collections, and noted two toolserver scripts by Magnus Manske that track usage of Commons files: Glamorous, which tracks where files are used within the Wikimedia projects, and Amalglamate, which tracks comparative collection usage data over time (starting 12 January).

BLP taskforce begins

The Biographies of Living People taskforce starts work 8 February with part one, board recommendations and proposal. This will run for two months, with the second half on community focus, beginning in April. The project has a global focus, and encourages worldwide participation in discussion.

More information can be found on the Strategy wiki page.

April developer meetup

Another MediaWiki developer's meetup will be held in Berlin 14–16 April, just before the annual meeting of the chapters. Wikimedia Deutschland will again host the conference. According to the post, "all MediaWiki developers, Toolserver users, Gadget hackers, and other people interested in the technical side of Wikimedia projects" are welcome. Last year's developer meetup was also held in conjunction with the chapters' meeting.



The Lithuanian Wikipedia at 100,000 articles.
The Portuguese Wiktionary comemorative logo for reaching 100,000 articles in January.

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Just to say: I'm not the original reference for what the 6 millionth file was. That was TechMan224 on the commons-l mailing list. Thanks. Mike Peel (talk) 09:26, 9 February 2010 (UTC)[reply]


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