Features and admins

Features and admins


Ten editors were granted admin status via the Requests for Adminship process since last issue: Dank55 (nom), Dravecky (nom), Efe (nom), It Is Me Here  (nom), Sgeureka (nom), Wehwalt (nom), Icewedge  (nom), Lustiger seth (nom), AniMate (nom) and GrahamColm (nom).


Twenty-three bots or bot tasks were approved to begin operating since last issue: DirlBot (task request), AnomieBOT (task request), AnomieBOT (task request), Legobot (task request), ShepBot (task request), GrouchoBot (task request), AnomieBOT (task request), Legobot (task request), Numbo3-bot (task request), OrophinBot (task request), DavidWSBot (task request), Muro Bot (task request), ProtectionTaggingBot (task request), Addbot (task request), DYKBot (task request), Simplebot (task request), XLerateBot (task request), SassoBot (task request), AnomieBOT (task request), PDFbot (task request), AnomieBOT (task request), RibotBOT (task request) and NobelBot (task request).

Featured pages

Fifty-three articles were promoted to featured status since last issue: Primate (nom), Tanks in the Spanish Army (nom), 13th Airborne Division (United States) (nom), Reception history of Jane Austen (nom), Atmosphere of Jupiter (nom), Phan Dinh Phung (nom), Major depressive disorder (nom), Ayumi Hamasaki (nom), Niobium (nom), Christmas 1994 nor'easter (nom), Maggie Gyllenhaal (nom), Bart Simpson (nom), Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (nom), Main sequence (nom), Luc Bourdon (nom), Sonestown Covered Bridge (nom), 2nd Canadian Infantry Division (nom), Rheinmetall 120 mm gun (nom), Frederick III, German Emperor (nom), Tropical Storm Erick (2007) (nom), Over the Rainbow (Connie Talbot album) (nom), 2006 Pacific hurricane season (nom), SS Washingtonian (nom), SS Dakotan (nom), Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (nom), Shackleton–Rowett Expedition (nom), Pallid sturgeon (nom), Albert, Prince Consort (nom), July 2006 Westchester County tornado (nom), Raccoon (nom), 1994 Atlantic hurricane season (nom), Richard Cordray (nom), Marble Madness (nom), AMX-30 (nom), Tiny Thompson (nom), 2006 Gator Bowl (nom), Scout Moor Wind Farm (nom), Blair Anderson Wark (nom), Akutan Zero (nom), British Empire (nom), Action of 13 January 1797 (nom), Wail al-Shehri (nom), Gerard K. O'Neill (nom), Over the Edge (1999) (nom), Half-Life 2: Lost Coast (nom), Solomon P. Sharp (nom), Plutonium (nom), Georges Vézina (nom), 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix (nom), Vithoba (nom), Arena Active Protection System (nom), Meet Kevin Johnson (nom) and Wonder Stories (nom).

Seventy lists were promoted to featured status since last issue: Mark of the Year (nom), List of Germany international footballers (nom), Avatar: The Last Airbender (season 2) (nom), List of universities in the Canadian Prairies (nom), List of universities in Atlantic Canada (nom), List of Gantz chapters (nom), List of current Canadian first ministers (nom), Timeline of the 1983 Atlantic hurricane season (nom), List of Wilfrid Laurier University people (nom), List of Sacramento Kings head coaches (nom), List of Indiana Pacers head coaches (nom), List of FA Trophy winners (nom), List of awards and nominations received by Sam Roberts (nom), List of premiers of Prince Edward Island (nom), List of The O.C. episodes (nom), Pendulum discography (nom), Gaylactic Spectrum Award winners and nominees for best short fiction (nom), Killswitch Engage discography (nom), State highways in Hamilton County, New York (nom), List of Tokyo Mew Mew chapters (nom), Iron Maiden discography (nom), List of New Jersey Nets head coaches (nom), List of Caltrain stations (nom), Timeline of the 1982 Atlantic hurricane season (nom), List of Washington Wizards head coaches (nom), List of number-one Billboard Top Latin Albums of 2007 (nom), List of New Orleans Saints head coaches (nom), List of World Rally Championship Drivers' Champions (nom), List of premiers of British Columbia (nom), List of premiers of Nova Scotia (nom), List of Cleveland Cavaliers head coaches (nom), List of Kirby media (nom), List of number-one Billboard Top Latin Albums of 1993, 1994 and 1995 (nom), List of ECW Television Champions (nom), List of Nobel Laureates (nom), List of states and union territories of India by population (nom), Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration (nom), List of Joking Apart episodes (nom), List of Los Angeles Dodgers Opening Day starting pitchers (nom), List of Washington Capitals head coaches (nom), The Cure discography (nom), Gaylactic Spectrum Award winners and nominees for best other work (nom), List of Detroit Pistons head coaches (nom), List of St. Louis Rams head coaches (nom), List of Arizona Cardinals head coaches (nom), List of Florida Panthers head coaches (nom), List of FA Vase winners (nom), Sylvester Medal (nom), List of Cleveland Browns head coaches (nom), List of Fullmetal Alchemist chapters (nom), Trivium discography (nom), List of University of Waterloo people (nom), Royal Medal (nom), Maryland Terrapins football seasons (nom), Prison Break (season 2) (nom), New York Rangers seasons (nom), List of current Canadian senators (nom), List of Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine (nom), Timeline of the Adriatic campaign, 1807–1814 (nom), List of awards and nominations received by Alicia Keys (nom), List of WWF Light Heavyweight Champions (nom), List of San Diego Padres managers (nom), List of Metallica band members (nom), Audioslave discography (nom), List of Formula One Grand Prix winners (nom), List of number-one Billboard Top Latin Albums of 1996, 1997 and 1998 (nom), List of Baltimore Orioles managers (nom), List of United States Presidents who died in office (nom), List of tallest buildings in Vancouver (nom) and BBC Sports Personality of the Year Coach Award (nom).

Eighteen topics were promoted to featured status since last issue: Parachutes (nom), X&Y (nom), 30 Rock (season 2) (nom), Spider-Man films (nom), Vince's Devils (nom), Hey Venus! (nom), U-5 class submarines (nom), U-3 class submarines (nom), U-1 class submarines (nom), U-20 class submarines (nom), Hardy Boyz (nom), Half-Life 2 titles (nom), Lists of men's major championships winning golfers (nom), Lists of universities in Canada (nom), Seasons of The O.C. (nom), State touring routes in Hamilton County, New York (nom), Simpson family (nom) and Spanish Tanks (nom).

Three portals were promoted to featured status since last issue: Portal:Peru (nom), Portal:Theatre (nom) and Portal:Schools (nom).

The following featured articles were displayed on the Main Page since last issue as Today's featured article: St Kilda, Scotland, Amateur radio in India , Frank Zappa, Interstate 70 in Utah, Emmeline Pankhurst, USS Nevada (BB-36), Elaine Paige, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami, Olivier Messiaen, 2008 Men's Olympics road race, Mana series, Albert Speer, Riverina, Getting It: The psychology of est, LaRouche criminal trials, Latter Days, United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, Clem Hill, Richard Hawes, Equipartition theorem, Sunderland Echo, Preity Zinta, Rings of Uranus, Robert Sterling Yard, Thespis, Battle of Shiloh, Elizabeth Needham, Thylacine, Gunnhild, Mother of Kings, Boydell Shakespeare Gallery, Beyond Fantasy Fiction, Richard Cordray and The Guardian of Education.

Former featured pages

Eight articles were delisted since last issue: Pashtun people (nom), Cornell University (nom), Government of Maryland (nom), Sarajevo (nom), Speed of light (nom), Asthma (nom), Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me) (nom) and Augustan literature (nom).

No topics were delisted since last issue.

Three lists were delisted since last issue: List of Hong Kong ODI cricketers (nom), List of India ODI cricketers (nom) and List of Australia ODI cricketers (nom).

Featured media

The following featured pictures were displayed on the Main Page since the last issue as picture of the day: North Face of Mount Everest, Head of a blow-fly, A sadhu, Trial by Jury, Lesser yellolegs, Hoodoo formations in the Pink Cliffs, Prime knots, Shanty town, Political cartoon of American President Andrew Jackson, Drupe, Golf bunker, Mayfly, Schematic of a tank, Emperor penguin, Tunnel rats, Geothermal areas of Yellowstone National Park, Australian Red Cross, Video of Polar Bear Cub Nursing, Pegnitz River, Female Marmalade Fly, Olympus Mons, Aerial Lithograph of Phoenix, Arizona, Squadron of C-17 Globemaster III Aircraft, Reindeer, Engraving of Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Saint-Chély-du-Tarn, Roasted Coffee Beans, Goat, Large Bee Fly, Champagne Pool, Ceaseran Section, Video of Lunar Transit, AV-8B Harrier II and Skyscrapers of Canary Wharf.

No sounds were featured since last issue.

Two featured pictures were demoted since the last issue: Ladybird and 433 eros.

Thirty-five pictures were promoted to featured status since the last issue and are shown below.

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