Features and admins

Features and admins


Five editors were granted admin status via the Requests for Adminship process this week: SilkTork (nom), Thehelpfulone (nom), Jclemens (nom), Ruslik0 (nom), and Seddon (nom).


Ten bots or bot tasks were approved to begin operating this week: CwraschkeDataBot (task request), XZeroBot (task request), ArthurBot (task request), GnawnBot (task request), Homobot (task request), Obersachsebot (task request), AnomieBOT (task request), AnomieBOT (task request), DYKadminBot (task request) and DYKBot (task request).

DYKadminBot is an administrative bot, operated by Ameliorate!, that automatically updates Wikipedia:Did you know every six hours from a queue of approved hooks chosen by administrators.

Featured pages

Nine articles were promoted to featured status this week: Kannada literature in the Western Chalukya Empire (nom), Myst V: End of Ages (nom), Mozart family Grand Tour (nom), SS Montanan (nom), Caspar David Friedrich (nom), Battle of Lipantitlán (nom), Herbert Greenfield (nom), Richard Williams (RAAF officer) (nom), and World Science Festival (nom).

Eighteen lists were promoted to featured status this week: List of Governors of Arizona (nom), List of premiers of Manitoba (nom), List of premiers of New Brunswick (nom), Lambda Literary Awards winners and nominees for science fiction, fantasy and horror (nom), List of Santa Clara VTA Light Rail stations (nom), List of Houston Rockets head coaches (nom), Natacha Atlas discography (nom), List of awards and nominations received by Rufus Wainwright (nom), List of Washington Nationals managers (nom), List of awards and nominations received by Chris Brown (nom), List of moons (nom), List of premiers of Newfoundland and Labrador (nom), List of Portland Trail Blazers head coaches (nom), List of Knight's Cross recipients of the Schnellboot service (nom), List of WCW World Tag Team Champions (nom), Gaylactic Spectrum Award winners and nominees for best novel (nom), List of number-one Billboard Top Latin Albums of 2006 (nom), and List of Stewards of the Manor of Northstead (nom).

No topics or portals were promoted to featured status this week.

The following featured articles were displayed on the Main Page this week as Today's featured article: David I of Scotland, 1956 FA Cup Final, Harvey Milk, Pulmonary contusion, Angus Lewis Macdonald, Anglo-Zanzibar War, and Rosetta@home.

Former featured pages

No articles or topics were delisted this week.

Two formerly featured lists were delisted this week: List of countries (nom) and CZW World Heavyweight Championship (nom).

Featured media

The following featured pictures were displayed on the Main Page this week as picture of the day: Eastern Imperial Eagle, Trinity nuclear test, Bogong High Plains, Nelumbo nucifera, Anthophora, Louis Brandeis, and F-4 Phantom II.

No sounds were featured this week.

No featured pictures were demoted this week.

Four pictures were promoted to featured status this week and are shown below.

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