From the editor

From the editor

This belated edition of the Wikipedia Signpost hopefully will mark a turning point in the evolution of our community newspaper. Editor-in-chief Ral315 will be returning, and in the meantime Signpost volunteers are working to create a system that can be run easily in the absence of any particular editor.

The Signpost has several outstanding needs. The "Technology report", a long-standing feature that keeps readers up-to-date on MediaWiki development and configuration changes, has been absent from recent editions, including this one. Any offers to take up this important feature, whether on a weekly basis or with periodic updates, would be greatly appreciated.

Two other features, "In the news" and "News and notes", are essentially collaborative works, and they depend on the many editors who update the Signpost Tip Line. While the Tip Line is perhaps the single most complete page for keeping up with important Wikipedia happenings and news coverage, that isn't saying much. More eyes searching for significant Wikipedia stories in the media are always appreciated. Many internal developments and discussions tend to slip through the cracks, so summaries of the results of important requests for comment and other goings on are also helpful.

The weekly "Dispatch" covers issues concerning featured content and related pages, particularly in relation to editing and how the processes work. The stories are about (but not limited to):

Input at the Featured content dispatch workshop is needed and welcome.

This is the community's newspaper, and it needs constant input to keep abreast of issues of community-wide relevance.

Sage Ross

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